I looked at an 11 week old shepherd mix puppy at my local shelter yesterday. I did a temperament test on it because I am looking for certain traits in the dog I add to my family. I need a good family dog but also a trainable dog who can work a bit. I want an active dog who is up for anything.

The puppy met the scores I was hoping it would in all areas except one - the umbrella test. I opened an umbrella and set it down on the ground to see what the puppy would do with an unfamiliar object. The puppy went up to it cautiously, at first. Then nipped at the handle and when it moved the puppy back away from it. She then ran behind me for a second. She came back out and whined. Her tail wasn't tucked but she did seem apprehensive about it.

I know nerves are a big factor in German Shepherds so I was hoping for some input. Is this a nerve issue? Could the puppy be going through a phase? There doesn't appear to be any signs of past abuse. I will be taking whatever dog I adopt to a five month master dog training school, so I need one that is willing to try new things.

Side note: she wasn't at all fearful of me dropping keys on the ground or the squeaking noise, one of the toys I brought with me, made.

Thank you!

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