I have a problem here and its needs to be resolved asap. My dear Sweet Kody with that angelic face is VERY reactive towards other dogs when he's on a leash. I think part of the problem is I wasn't able to do much training outside while I was on that awful chemo combo. But that's over and I've been walking him daily for the past two weeks.

The problem is when he sees another dog he turns into Cujo, lunging and barking and just being out of control. Actually Cujo was kind of lame when compared to Kody.

I've been taking him down to the beach where we sit and I try to calm him down as other dogs pass. I have him sit between my legs and I hold on to his harness and his collar. I command Leave it and Settle until he settles down. At first he wouldn't even take a treat from me he was so upset, but now I he's at least settled enough to take the treat. I'm just not sure this is progress as he still goes crazy trying to lunge and barking like crazy.

I try to get him to make eye contact with me but that really doesn't work. The last two days I've tried not sitting but walking on the other side of the street with other dogs but he still goes wicked.

I've looked up ways to deal with this on line but they say to find out where he's comfortable being around other dogs and keep that distance slowly getting closer. This is near impossible as I just don't know when a dog will be where.

I'm thinking about going back to the sitting for another week but does anyone have any other suggestions? I've never had a dog so reactive. I even took him to doggie daycare so he would be comfortable around other dogs but that didn't help, at least not when he's on a leash. I should say he also goes wicked when he sees a dog being walked by our property.

I'm going to keep at this for the next week and then if I don't see any progress I'm going to call in a trainer. Actually, I've already left a message for one. I would love to take him with Eli so he could see there's nothing to get upset about, but I can't do that to Eli-he wouldn't make it.

I'm wondering too if this might be made worse by the fact that Kody is not yet neutered. I use to neuter at six months but now I've read that that's not a good idea and that we need to wait until he's at least a year. Eeks eek

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