Thanks Middle, I've actually thought of bring a squeaky ball but so far he's doing good with treats.

We met with a trainer this morning. It was very helpful for both of us. We had got there a little early and there were several classes going on. They all meet and work out in a huge parking area. Since I was early I parked my car on the far end quite a ways from the other dogs. I wanted to see if I could identify Kody's safe area (how far away he needed to be from other dogs before he got upset). For the most part he needed the distance of most of the parking lot eek We worked his safe zone for awhile but at one point someone walked their dog some 100 feet from us and Cujo started in.

We got back into the car and I drove down and parked where I was had been instructed to do so. At that point, we were close to the other dogs and Cujo went wicked.

But I met with the trainer and eventually brought Kody out. He thinks I need to be firmer with my response and stop saying he's a good boy the moment he corrects himself. I always thought it was important to reward right away when they do something right, but since this is all one action (an action we're not happy with-lunging,etc) I'm sort of rewarding him for the bad behavior. This training place is all into positive training but my timing has been off when it comes to this.

He gave me several tips and was very helpful. Next week Kody and I will be watching the Attitudes class (a class for pups with issues) and we will evaluate him more based on his response. He wants to watch Kody to see which class would be best for him. He isn't sure its the Attitudes class or the regular obedience class.

I feel good about this. I owe it to Kody to make sure this gets corrected. He's a great pup and I love him to pieces. Thank you all for your support.

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