This morning, I had my hands full and slow moving kids as we loaded up our vehicle to leave. I meant to close and lock the front door, but that crucial step slipped my mind after I got the kids buckled in.
My husband sent me a text that I forgot to close and lock the door.This is what our pest control guy saw when he arrived.

Whoops... What's worse, storm door was not completely closed! Apparently, Abbey was ballistic and barking. Not once did she try to get out. Not sure if that means she was too nervous, she thought it takes a human to open the door, she needed mine or her alpha's permission to get out, or she knew who the pest control guy is and was sending warnings not to come in.
Hub thinks we were lucky no one tried to break in. Not me.

I ain't worried...Abbey knows her place is home gsdhalo . And no one would dare enter a home where a german shepherd is loose. gsdsit laugh
Abbey: 10 years old German Shepherd
Suki: 10 years old Calico kitty