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#103033 - 11/10/10 08:57 PM Re: 200 pound GSD? [Re: Diana]
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I see a lot of underweight horses being kept that way so they are "kid safe" and it really makes me sick... I saw some scary thin horses when I was a 4Her, and the kids would get angry when they were marked down for their horses condition!!!

I've seen a lot of overweight horses before, but not familiar with any being kept overweight to be placid. But it makes sense, if they are so incredibly obese they can barely move.
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#103074 - 11/10/10 11:23 PM Re: 200 pound GSD? [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
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Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAAN
I saw a beautiful female GSD at the vet when I was with Nina once - she looked just like her - same size, but not same weight. Nina was 66# but looked bigger, this poor thing was 124# - I waited to go into the exam room until I saw what came up. Her owner was all proud. Made me sick.

Would have made me sick too. How can people not notice? How do they think it's cool? We have a lovely faced female GSD in the neighborhood. She waddles. I was surprised to hear she's years younger than Moon, poor girl walks like she's older. Of course her owner though Moon was too skinny... Of course she is, it's why she can still walk 3 miles in under an hour even though her hips always sucked and she's got arthritis now.

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#103130 - 11/11/10 07:43 AM Re: 200 pound GSD? [Re: SunCzarina]
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I can't believe that starving or making a horse morbidly obese is a behavior modifier. That's just wrong. I see why it would work though, I have eating issues and when I'm in a bad patch I have no energy at all.

Selzer - I think it really depends on the dog about weight being easy or hard to come off. Rosa, bless her sweet heart, is STILL about 6 pounds too heavy after MONTHS of being super careful about any extras (except I cannot patrol DH all the time so he may be giving her more treats than I realize). And Niko looks skinnier to me, even since this summer when he lost about 6 pounds after his neuter. He's been getting extra food and treats, but he seems to have a high metabolism.

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#103259 - 11/11/10 05:27 PM Re: 200 pound GSD? [Re: Good_Karma]
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Speaking of 200 lbs dog, I stopped by the dog boutique (and day care and boarding and grooming) facility on the same road as my work to chit chat with the "director of business development" in regards to some freeze-dried foods. He got excited when I walked in and told me he had adopted a pit bull puppy that was about 6 months old. He introduced me to his new addition, and he told me he had started feeding her a raw diet. I asked, "oh really? what are you feeding her?"

He said, "well she just eats and eats and eats! I give her about 3-4 POUNDS of chicken per meal, and she just keeps eating!"

HOLY CRAP, BATMAN! That's 6-8 lbs a day for a dog that will weigh no more than 50 lbs when fully grown - yikes!

I asked him if he had ever fed raw before or knew what the exact amount was she was supposed to be eating. He said, "well she just eats and eats. I've never seen a dog like this!" (And yes, she had a full checkup from the Vet, etc. but I highly doubt he told the Vet he was feeding her 6-8 lbs of chicken a day.)
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#103291 - 11/11/10 07:03 PM Re: 200 pound GSD? [Re: SouthernThistle]
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Ugghh to all the "fat" stories!!! It is so bad, I remember being at the vets in the waiting room, and EACH and EVERY dog that came in or went out during my time there was grossly obese!

My vets have a program going to encourage people to get their dogs on a diet. A contest with prizes for the 'biggest loser', and their story printed up in a flyer and given out to clients to inspire them. Sorta sad it has come to that.

I think the receptionists have been instructed to ask everyone if they are interested in joining in the contest. Twice now I've had a receptionist peer over the counter and take a look at either Keeta or Gryff, depending who was with me, and remark "Oh, you don't need the info on the contest" almost like they are surprised! (though I have a psycho evil cat that could benefit from such a program whistle

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