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#124299 - 01/15/11 06:03 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Woodreb]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Hi Cheyenne I am so glad you are feeling better. I think purple maybe your color, but the Granny Easter hat is way more your style. But it is good to expand your fashion horizons, can't get stuck in the same old routine.

Sending you hugs and healing vibes.
Val da Tiger

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#124307 - 01/15/11 06:48 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
Hatterasser Offline

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Personally I think the hat and scarf are 'YOU'. So stylish and becoming. Good to see you're eating your chicken soup and taking your meds. We want to see you looking and feeling as beautiful as you can be, especially if you're thinking of going out for a walk in your new outfit. *winks*
Diane...Freya's mom
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#124311 - 01/15/11 07:04 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Hatterasser]
Rescues Rule Admin

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So that's what happened to That Girl!

So glad she's doing better.
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#124330 - 01/15/11 08:48 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
AvaLaRue Offline
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What a beautiful hat and scarf for a beautiful girl!! Glad you are feeling better Chey!
~ Leigh ~

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#124344 - 01/15/11 10:42 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Woodreb]
lorio Offline

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wub Hubba Hubba girl! I just love this new picture! Stay warm and rest up! wub
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#124381 - 01/16/11 05:04 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: lorio]
elisabeth Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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"Hey there Chey, looking good. You like younger males?"

Hehe.. sorry.. had to do that. wink

Chey is looking good and I am so happy to hear that she is feeling well too! Looking forward to more progress reports - with picture. wink
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#124382 - 01/16/11 05:50 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Woodreb]
bianca Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Oh Cheyenne thank you for such a great update! You are very beautiful in your purple hat and scarf wub You keep being a good girl and eating!
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#124419 - 01/16/11 11:51 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: bianca]
Rescues Rule Admin

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rofl Oh Stark - you Cougar chaser you!
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#124421 - 01/16/11 11:53 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
BowWowMeow Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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No one wears clothes like Cheyenne. wub You go girl!

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#124771 - 01/17/11 03:34 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: BowWowMeow]
cainsmomma Offline

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HEY STARK.......Cheyenne already has her Off! lol

Cheyenne, I was giving you kisses all over this monitor when I saw you in
your sexy purple attire. Love, Cain
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