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#92940 - 10/10/10 11:25 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Kris]
myamom Offline

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Cheyenne is still fighting.. The bright spot in my day...was when I came home from being out...and Cheyenne was standing at the top of the steps (like she always did before she got sick) to greet me. I can't tell you how that felt!

She is such an amazing dog...her spirit and will are so strong. She has been through so much and keeps fighting.

Our goal is to leave for the lake tomorrow until Tues night...I think it will be good for her to go the place she loves so much.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers...I know with all my being..that they help...we can feel them! I love you guys!!
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#92954 - 10/10/10 11:51 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
GrandJan Offline

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Many thoughts and prayers for you as you head out for a respite - Chey and her loving family. She is where she wants to be and with whom she wants to be and He is smiling upon you all.
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#92963 - 10/11/10 12:21 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: GrandJan]
BowWowMeow Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I hope you have a restful time at the lake and that you and Cheyenne really enjoy your visit. I will keep you in my thoughts!

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#92966 - 10/11/10 12:42 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: BowWowMeow]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Sending good vibes to Cheyenne.
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#92971 - 10/11/10 12:47 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
elisabeth Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Sending good vibes your way!!!
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#92991 - 10/11/10 06:37 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: elisabeth]
bianca Offline
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I hope you both enjoy your time at the lake and it is just what Cheyenne needs. Sending all my most healing thoughts and prayers her way hugging
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#93153 - 10/11/10 02:25 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: bianca]
cainsmomma Offline

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Oh Mary Ann, I haven't been on for awhile and just now saw this about Chey. I'm in tears reading what she is going through. I pray the lake trip will make a great improvement for her. My thoughts and prayers will be with Chey, you and your whole family. I know this is so terribly hard for all. Cain sends his love and prayers also. (((BIG HUG)))
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#93207 - 10/11/10 05:40 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: cainsmomma]
PositiveDog Offline
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Both of you should enjoy the lake. I glad she gave you a bright spot today. Aren't they amazing?! gsdsit

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#93273 - 10/11/10 07:22 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: PositiveDog]
katieliz Offline
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i am late to learn about this too...oh, mary ann, i'm so sorry. have a safe trip to the lake. you are in my thoughts.

sending good energy from the c-monster to beautiful miss cheyenne.
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#93329 - 10/11/10 08:56 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: katieliz]
myamom Offline

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Unfortunately...we are still home. Things delayed our departure today...then bad storms came in..
I had visions of sitting at the lake soaking in a nice autumn day...but rain and cold wasn't very we opted to stay cozy here.

We had what I consider a decent day today. We managed many potty breaks and even a walk around the house...albeit very slow...but she WANTED TO...and that's what counts.

Tonight is very stormy and she and Ava have spent the evening close to me and eachother...alternating between following me around and hiding under the table.

We're doing lots of small warm meals during the day...including adding chicken soup. I've been so blessed that a friend of mine had two of the supplements Marina for the heart..and one gentle we've been doing those as well (discontinued the milk thistle only because we started on Marina's gentle cleanse).

We WILL go back to the lake!! I am very cautiously optimistic that i CAN say...we'll go another day...hoping this weekend.

I got word that fragile little baby Ava pulled through her surgery. That is almost uncomprehensible....a teeny tiny 5 lb baby pulling through such a surgery in her fragile state. Then we have Cheyenne here...with everything under the sun going against her...and still plugging along.

Just shows the power of prayer..positive thoughts...and good friends supporting you!! THANK YOU!!
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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