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#129712 - 02/01/11 10:19 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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8 - 8 is a good number. Anyone play the card game Crazy Eights.

Eight Ball in Pool...

See eight is a good number also.

Magic Eight Ball.

I will send more special healing vibes to Cheyenne.
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#129713 - 02/01/11 10:21 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Kris Offline

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Val is by far more clever, but here's my equation: 4 is my lucky number, Feb. is the 2nd month, so 4 x 2 = 8 - Feb. 8! But seriously, she doesn't need no stinkin' lucky number. She has love and good wishes and healing energy from around the world surrounding her going into this surgery!! wub hugging
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#129793 - 02/02/11 12:48 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Kris]
Tri-Shepherd Offline

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Hey I got it 2 x 8 = 16! Sweet 16! But seriously Chey will be in my thoughts and prayers from now until she is fully recovered!

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#129860 - 02/02/11 07:18 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Tri-Shepherd]
bianca Offline
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I will be keeping Miss Cheyenne firmly in my prayers hugging
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#129886 - 02/02/11 09:44 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Mary Jane Offline
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Mary Ann,

I was beginning to get nervous not having heard from you, but thanks and thanks again for this update. We can only hope to do the right thing with any health decision. We try to learn all we can and get good advice.

Originally Posted By: myamom
...the internist.... said...if it were MY DOG...I WOULD DO IT.

Surely that is an expert opinion. From a nonexpert, I would take her advice.

Undiminished positive thoughts are still flowing your way, despite sleet or snow or dark of night.

take care,
Mary Jane

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#130651 - 02/04/11 01:34 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Mary Jane]
katieliz Offline
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hi mary ann, just checking in to tell you i'm thinking about you and cheyenne...and sending more positive thoughts and good wishes your way.
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#130719 - 02/04/11 11:50 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: katieliz]
myamom Offline

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Thank you guys!! Just trying to do deep breathing...and keep things as normal as possible...and I really try not to think about it.
Cheyenne is now off all meds...and doing fine without them.

There are so many prayers for her.....I have to accept that whatever happens is what is meant to be and is what is best for her...not me...HER.

Cainsmom-we've been doing some practice runs with that wonderful harness you sent for her to case she needs help.
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#131615 - 02/07/11 11:31 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
myamom Offline

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so...tomorrow is the day.

one last she about to go into heat? She licks (but am I being hypersensitive?)...can't tell if there is swelling because honestly...I think she is more pronounced anyway from having puppies...and I'm no expert...and there is certainly no comparison to Ava. I'll have them check her before I leave her tomorrow.

deep breath...anything else I'm forgetting to worry about?
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#131620 - 02/07/11 11:41 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Mary Jane Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Hi Mary Ann,

When do you have to stop food/water for Cheyenne, I guess by midnight.

I just wanted to post something you can productively worry about.

We'll be in the cyber waiting room, right next to you.

Mary Jane

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#131629 - 02/07/11 11:53 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Mary Jane]
Braverhund Offline
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Please take this extra dose of hugging hugging hugging from Grimm and me as we continue to send powerful well-wishes for Cheyenne tomorrow. May this be much smoother and easier than you expect! We're all here with you in spirit, beaming good thoughts and healing vibes Chey's way. Such a lucky girl has come so far with your love. May you feel trust in your kind, understanding vet, and feel good about Cheyenne's upcoming quick recovery. Paws are crossed for you to feel more at peace as you bring her in, and anticipate the reunion when she's ready to come home and be spoiled again. We're all cheering Cheyenne on for tomorrow!
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