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#98518 - 10/27/10 12:40 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
BowWowMeow Offline
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Holding her in my thoughts here as well...

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#98547 - 10/27/10 07:31 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: BowWowMeow]
lorio Offline

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How are things this morning Mary Ann?
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#98566 - 10/27/10 09:16 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: lorio]
myamom Offline

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Gosh...I could just jump out of my skin...I don't know what to do.

Walking is not as bad today. She actually came out on her own. My husband carried her down the steps..but she came up on her own.

She ate her breakfast.

BUT the breathing is horrible. I listened to her panting all night..very hard...still like that. I don't know what to do for her. It was like nails on a chalk I laid there awake all night...if that makes sense...I just want it to stop...I want her to be comfortable. I feel so helpless.

I will call vet for advice...but I am actually afraid to take her in...I may wait the day out.. they've seen her this way before..there is nothing really they can do except play with meds..or tell me to stop..and... Cheyenne and I are not ready to stop fighting yet.

I think I will only give 1/2 dose of Tramadol today as her pain doesn't seem as bad...and I think a side affect of that is it could be exacerbating things.

Humidity here is 98%. Wondering if that is affecting her?

Right now we are doing all her heart meds...I am also doing a holistic heart support. I am also doing glucosamine, fish oil and an antibiotic. I will up the diuretic back up to 3 x a day.
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#98575 - 10/27/10 09:57 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
myamom Offline

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has anyone had any problems with Tramadol?

saw this:


Side effects are considered rare but we list the following for completeness:

Pupil constriction and panting may occur with this medication.

The panting was so excessive last night. Dare I even say...she seems to be resting a little right now. Not panting...still stomach breathing though.
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#98580 - 10/27/10 10:24 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Woodreb Offline
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I used to use a low dose of tramadol for Rica with no problems other than she slept more. But I have heard of other people's dogs that have problems with tramadol. It's certainly possible that she is in the group that could suffer this as a side effect.

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#98582 - 10/27/10 10:28 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Woodreb]
bianca Offline
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Sorry I have no advice but just wanted to say you are both in my thoughts and prayers hugging
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#98603 - 10/27/10 11:22 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: bianca]
Mary Jane Online   content
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Just another voice of concern and hope for Miss Cheyenne.


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#98637 - 10/27/10 12:35 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Mary Jane]
MaxaLisa Offline

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Yes, some dogs have trouble with tramadol.
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#98643 - 10/27/10 12:50 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: MaxaLisa]
cainsmomma Offline

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Prayers and ((( HUGS))) for Chey and you and your family!


Edited by cainsmomma (10/27/10 12:53 PM)
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#98644 - 10/27/10 12:51 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: MaxaLisa]
LJsMom Offline
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Agree on the tramadol - it made LJ pant heavily.

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