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#13362 - 03/03/10 10:04 AM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
Natalie559 Offline

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This morning I immediately went to health to check Chimo's thread, saw the lock and was so deeply saddened. I am so very sorry for your loss! teary

Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAAN
He's one of those dogs you just want to steal when you meet them.

I never met him, but I get this from his pictures. You want to snuggle with that furry neck of his.

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#13365 - 03/03/10 10:16 AM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: Natalie559]
myamom Offline

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I am so very thoughts and prayers are with you.
Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#13370 - 03/03/10 10:41 AM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: myamom]
kaisersmom Offline
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I just saw all of this today - I am so sorry for your loss. Words just seem so inadequate right now - you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your handsome boy. hugging

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#13383 - 03/03/10 11:02 AM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: kaisersmom]
kkms Offline
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ruq - you are in my thoughts!
tyeson - 6 months

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#13386 - 03/03/10 11:07 AM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: kkms]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Ruqs, sorry I didn't see this earlier. I have been in bed with the flu.

I am so sorry for your lost of Chimo.

rip Chimo leader of the Paq.

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#13419 - 03/03/10 12:26 PM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
AgilePaws Offline

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How are you doing today Ruq? Hope you are getting some rest. hugging

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#13431 - 03/03/10 12:43 PM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: AgilePaws]
Braverhund Offline
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hugging Checking in today to send you good thoughts Ruq. I know you must be hurting teribbly. My heart goes out to you. May the Paq give you some comfort right now. It's what they do best.
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#13432 - 03/03/10 12:45 PM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: AgilePaws]
Amaruq Offline

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Missed my calm, gentle, furry leader walking in and staring me awake this AM but we are hanging in there, somehow.
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#13435 - 03/03/10 12:55 PM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: Amaruq]
Remo Offline

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My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beautiful, beloved friend. It is so hard to lose a dog, hard on us and hard on the rest of our dogs too.

Please know that you are in my thoughts at this sad time.

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#13451 - 03/03/10 01:15 PM Re: Chimo is at the vet- prayers PLEASE [Re: Amaruq]
Barb E Offline

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