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#147904 - 04/10/11 04:00 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Cassidy's Mom]
Castlemaid Offline
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Oh thank goodness!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news! What a scary situation!

VERY impressed that Trent is taking it all in stride and dealing with this trauma so well - gotta love the big goof! Hope you can get some sleep now and enjoy being home with your bison-head teddy bear. smile

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#147906 - 04/10/11 04:11 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: BowWowMeow]
Emjworks05 Offline
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Oh goodness! I am SOOOOO HAPPY to hear he will be ok! I was so worried about you guys. I hope that he makes a speedy recovery!

When we are panicked and stressed sometimes it seems like we don't think very straight but you did good for Trent, you did exactly what you were suppose to do as a dog mommy.

Give that boy hugs and head scratches from me!

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#147909 - 04/10/11 04:24 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Emjworks05]
Bcannie Offline

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I am SO happy to hear Trent is ok!!!!!

What a coincidence.... I was at a 3 day conference too! (Maybe that was you that I saw ha ha).

Don't feel guilty at all for not asking the people who hit him to give you a ride. I probably would have done things exactly the same. It is instinct to want to get an injured animal (or child for that matter) into the saftey zone of the house to assess everything.

I'm glad I checked this again before going to bed. I will be able to sleep better, knowing Trent is safe and sound!!!

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#147910 - 04/10/11 07:50 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Bcannie]
bianca Offline
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Oh Rei hugging I just logged on and saw the title and my heart stopped. I am so very happy that gorgeous Trent will be OK. Sending lots of healing thoughts that he is not too sore in the morning hugging
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#147919 - 04/10/11 08:39 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: bianca]
JakodaCD OA Offline

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I'm so happy Trent will be ok,,nothing like running on adrenaline when something like this happens! I most likely would have done the same thing , working on him first, and then off to the vet..

Poor guy, he may be a little stiff today but glad the outcome will be a good one,,ok now you can 'chill and breathe' smile
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#147922 - 04/10/11 09:10 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: JakodaCD OA]
middleofnowhere Offline
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I am so glad Trent is going to be OK. Just like with us, wounds on the lower legs and feet bleed profusely.
I am sorry it happened but crap like this does happen.

It's a sad comment on the internet that you needed to give such a detailed account explaining the incident.

May you and Trent both get some needed rest and may both of your adrenaline levels return to normal soon.

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#147924 - 04/10/11 09:15 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: BowWowMeow]
GSDElsa Offline

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Wow, how scary! So glad that he is OK!
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#147926 - 04/10/11 09:24 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: GSDElsa]
AgilePaws Offline

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Glad to hear he's okay! Now take care of yourself and try to get some rest!

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#147927 - 04/10/11 09:28 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: AgilePaws]
Kayos Offline

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Oh I am so happy to hear he is okay! How terrifying for you guys. I know he rushed out because he was so happy to see you as I imagine you have taught him wait at doors. No dog is ever perfect at that especially when their best human is home from a few days trip. I can picture Havoc doing this too.

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#147930 - 04/10/11 09:34 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Kayos]
PositiveDog Offline
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I am so glad Trent is OK. I am sure your sister is very upset but she could not have imagined this would happen.

Trent may be stiff and sore today. If you have any arnica it would be good to give to him to help with that.

Dear Trent - be careful! hugging

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