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#147967 - 04/10/11 12:56 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: SunCzarina]
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Very happy to read this great news!! I think you handled things really well!
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#147984 - 04/10/11 02:35 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Kris]
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What a nightmare ... so glad he's doing okay!!!
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#147987 - 04/10/11 03:13 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: PositiveDog]
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How scary, but I am so glad he is okay! hugging
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#147990 - 04/10/11 03:34 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Rei]
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Thank goodness! That is great news!
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#147991 - 04/10/11 03:39 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Northern GSDs]
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So happy to hear Trent is going to be okay!!

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#148008 - 04/10/11 05:14 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Sage's mom]
GraciesMommy Offline

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thumbup Feel better Trent!!! Very scary!!
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#148014 - 04/10/11 05:42 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: PositiveDog]
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Originally Posted By: PositiveDog
I am so glad Trent is OK. I am sure your sister is very upset but she could not have imagined this would happen.
Trent may be stiff and sore today. If you have any arnica it would be good to give to him to help with that.
Dear Trent - be careful! hugging

Agree with all above, arnica will be a big help while he heals!
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#148017 - 04/10/11 05:46 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Jane Jean]
MaxaLisa Offline

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And when he is feeling a bit better, in addition to the arnica, I would absolutely find a chiropractor to take him too to.

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#148056 - 04/10/11 09:46 PM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Just found this thread and am so glad there was a positive outcome. Sending many positive thoughts to Trent for a smooth and uneventful recovery.

Originally Posted By: MaxaLisa
And when he is feeling a bit better, in addition to the arnica, I would absolutely find a chiropractor to take him too to.

I second this, even if it just winds up being an assessment with no treatment needed. Vets are now using laser therapy to speed healing of joint and soft tissue injuries. I'm sure he is pretty bruised and laser might be a big benefit.

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#148070 - 04/11/11 12:31 AM Re: Trent was hit by a car [Re: Quinnsmom]
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Quick update - Trent's doing very well, if it weren't for the bandages you would barely be able to tell he was hit just yesterday. He is slightly stiff but as energetic as ever and trying to do laps around the house and engage me into several games of tug. No rough playing or running for this pup yet, though. I am amazed at how well he seems but am taking NO chances. We are doing a few walks on the grass (not on pavement/cement) and I am helping him stretch his legs and joints every so often but no running or tug-o'-war for him. Also impressed by the lack of emotional damage, had several cars drive by on our walk and no reaction from him. Tried to hop in to the car earlier when the rest of the family went shopping.

I stayed up all night with him and slept through the day while the rest of the family waited on him. Just got up a couple hours ago! We're going in for a check up tomorrow afternoon just to be sure of everything. I felt around for injuries again and besides those on the exterior, nothing seems to be wrong. smile

Have to say that I'm extremely angry with my younger sister, though. Before I assumed that Trent had shot out the door and forgotten to wait before given the "okay" as he was trained to, in his excitement. Turns out my sister LET him out the door and gave him permission to do so, thinking it would be nice to have him greet me at the car. I sure hope she has learned her lesson...

Also, a BIG thank you for the suggestions, the vet did say that arnica will be a good idea (he is stiff and sore today) and I will talk to them about chiropractor recommendations and even laser treatment tomorrow.
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