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#148723 - 04/13/11 09:52 PM Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? *****
ALDawn Offline

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OK got another one for you. Is this pattern possible, as in is he a very diluted b/t gsd or a gsd/husky or whatever mix. Unfortunately this boy has crossed the rainbow bridge, the result of an owner who never socialized him with people or other dogs. We worked with him some while trying to find a rescue (HW pos). We had someone wanting to adopt but I refused to take the easy way out and let them adopt. they have a 1 yr old wild female GSD with no manners, and Smokey didn't take too kindly to her lunging at him. I told them they had three major obstacles: First, socialize their dog with other dogs and teach her some manners. Second, socialize Smokey with lots of people and other dogs on a daily basis, and third, socialize the two dogs with each other. Smokey was fine with calm dogs and calm people. He was somewhat territorial when inside a fence and we bought him a slight reprieve but because he was agitated in the run in the back kennel whenever another dog walked by, he was labeled cage aggressive. He just wanted attention, he would not attack the cage. Anyway, just for my own curiosity, I'd like your opinions:

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#148724 - 04/13/11 09:56 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: ALDawn]
LifeAsMe Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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GSD with poor pigment. I don't see any husky in him at all.

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#148725 - 04/13/11 10:00 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: LifeAsMe]
Grakira Offline
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I'd say GSD/Husky is right on...the ears are husky to me.

RIP Smokey
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#148726 - 04/13/11 10:00 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: LifeAsMe]
proudshepmom Offline
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I think I see husky in the shape of the head (rounder than the usual GSD head), and the length of the muzzle.

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#148727 - 04/13/11 10:00 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: proudshepmom]
proudshepmom Offline
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ears a little small for GSD too.

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#148728 - 04/13/11 10:13 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: proudshepmom]
Chicago Canine Offline

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That coloration should be possible in GSDs, assuming that is a pale tan(cream or silver) rather than white.
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#148729 - 04/13/11 10:15 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: proudshepmom]
Kayos Offline

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Could he be a poorly bred WL/ SL mix? Ears are smaller than a show line but I have seen some WL with smaller ears. If not I would say high mix GSD.

Poor guy, poor socialization claims another life. frown

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#148735 - 04/13/11 10:25 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: proudshepmom]
kaelara Offline

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definitely husky ears and muzzle. my husky test is if you ask them to come in for dinner and they dart away down the trail anyway, it's a positive identification. rofl2

or maybe that's just my furbaby.
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#148736 - 04/13/11 10:34 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: kaelara]
SunCzarina Offline

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I see akita in the shape of his head and ears.

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#148748 - 04/13/11 11:13 PM Re: Diluted GSD or GSD/husky mix? [Re: SunCzarina]
DancingCavy Offline

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Looks GSD/Husky to me too. Yes, GSDs can have that color/pattern. Really washed out tan with no mask but a saddle. But he definitely has a husky-type head.
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