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#15063 - 03/05/10 11:54 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: DianaB]
mspiker03 Offline

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Glad she made it through surgery and everything is going well!

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#15135 - 03/06/10 03:48 AM Re: In surgery right now [Re: mspiker03]
Northern GSDs Offline

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Great news to hear Diana! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery process!!
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#15230 - 03/06/10 12:03 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: Northern GSDs]
arycrest Offline

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So glad to hear that the surgery went well. Sending lots of positiive vibes her way for a speedy recovery!
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#15261 - 03/06/10 12:48 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: arycrest]
gsdmomOH Offline

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I am sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery and Im glad surgery went well.

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#15337 - 03/06/10 05:09 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: gsdmomOH]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Glad surgery went well and your gal is doing good. Unless one of my dogs is not doing well with the care, then I tend to listen to my vet and not visit.

Zooming healing thoughts your way.

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#15359 - 03/06/10 06:59 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: DianaB]
Barb E Offline

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So glad to hear it went well and there wasn't any unexpected "stuff"!!!
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#15428 - 03/06/10 08:48 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: Barb E]
DianaB Offline

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Siena came home today about 3 hours ago. The doc called this morning to tell me that she was doing well and was getting restless. She seems most at ease while home if I am sitting with her. She was able to relax, but when I got up and left her area, she woke and started whining again. She has about a 6 inch incision and is doing some "knuckling" on the affected leg. She's been loaded up with medicines... 21 days for antibiotics, 7 anti-inflammatory and pain/relaxant meds too.. She had an accident in the pen, I noticed the pillow and bedding soaked. She had the longest pee ever before we got in the car to come home. She's gotten restless again... back soon.
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#15443 - 03/06/10 09:08 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: DianaB]
MaxaLisa Offline

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If I recall from indy's TPO, the first couple days/nights are tough, and tough on you emotionally. Hang in there, it will get better, and you will become increasingly convinced that you did the right thing.

Indy's monster vet, after Indy had her pelvis sawed through in 3 places, gave her no pain meds. Just thinking about those couple of days still makes me want to throw up. Sienna will have a much easier time, but it will still be a bit tough on the both of you.

Hang in there, so glad that she is home.
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#15479 - 03/06/10 10:02 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: MaxaLisa]
Bennett Offline

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I've been away from the forum for a few days and just saw your post. I'm so glad Siena's surgery went well and I hope she has a speedy recovery! I"ve enjoyed seeing pictures of her and hearing stories so much since I joined the "old" forum a few months ago. She's a beautiful girl! I went through back surgery with my last GSD, so I know how anxious those first few days home can be, but your TLC will make all the difference to her.

Best wishes!

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#15507 - 03/06/10 10:35 PM Re: In surgery right now [Re: Bennett]
DianaB Offline

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Thanks for the encouragement. I am holding up pretty good, but it's only been 5 hours now... I got her to settle down by just petting her and then she got much more relaxed and not so whimpery. I put an ice pack on the hip as I know from my joint surgeries that it helps with swelling etc. She is definitely incontinent (sp?) and is dribbling all over. I noticed it when she moved to her bed and I was petting her, I noticed a big wet spot on one of the pillows. Off to wash them all (had not anticipated this). Of course, paranoid me called the vet to see if this was normal (he said yes because of the anesthesia combined with the tranquilizers) and should resolve itself in a day or two. We didn't plan for this. I was thinking it pinched a nerve or something.

Getting her around I find a bit difficult (makes my low back hurt). She wants to move quite quickly and I have to hold the back end with the sling and the front end to control the speed. I suspect I will get used to it.

Richard has taken some photos and will probably blog about it. Not sure about posting pics as it might be disturbing to some (I am ok with that stuff, only once has it bothered me, so opinions would be nice).

The nice bit... the $ was the low end... actually about $50 below the low estimate. Yippee... the poor other doggie had an elbow replacement and they went way over because once they got inside, some things had to be changed.
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