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#17015 - 03/09/10 06:03 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: DianaB]
DianaB Offline

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It is amazing how I can overlook the obvious sometimes. I just talked to the vet tech that was in Siena's surgery (she was calling for an update). She explained that the 'fit' that Siena seems to be having now and again is likely both the incision healing but also the prosthetic (duh) moving around. How did I never think of that. She thinks Siena is getting strange sensations and doesn't know how to deal with it, so she just kind of freaks out and paws/digs at the bedding, walks (almost spins) in circles, just being erratic.

The 21 days of antibiotics (yuck) are so her body does not reject the prosthetic. Although the primary surgeon has done many many hip replacements, he had not done this specific type (Kyon) of hip. They collaberated with a specialist in this hip ( and he flew in for Siena's surgery (and a couple other dogs too during the few days he was in town). Dr. Acker was teaching our vet how to do this. Does this make Siena a guinea pig now?
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#17037 - 03/09/10 06:45 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: DianaB]
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That makes sense, that she feels weird and different, but doesn't understand why.

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#17493 - 03/10/10 05:18 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: Cassidy's Mom]
DianaB Offline

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I can't help but laugh at this video. I was talking to a coworker about Siena's loopiness and he sent me this link. I think if Siena could talk, this is what she would say :))

Going to start backing down on the pain meds today. The vet thinks it could be causing some of her restlessness.

She has yet to get up and out to potty since last night at 8:30. Don't know if that should concern me or not. I know nothing.

Last night it hit me... I'm tired, her fits are stressful (afraid she will hurt herself), she removed the cone during the middle of the night and made another attempt (unsuccessful) of removing the stitches. I'm overloaded with work (office) and can't concentrate much. I've asked to take off Friday and Monday so I can have some 'me' time (even though I'll still be home). Told Richard i'll probably have cabin fever when the week is done and will need to escape on Saturday for some more 'me' time. I thought this would be hard, but in a different way than it actually is.
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#19520 - 03/14/10 11:50 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: DianaB]
DianaB Offline

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Today is day 9 post surgery. I'm finally starting to see hints of Siena re-emerging. I left for a few hours today and came home to her snoozing in the crate, surrounded by 5 (yes five) of her favorite balls. Friday evening she had some interest in the ball, so we brought out one of the small vinyl balls and sat near her and just tossed it to her as she lay down. At one point the ball bounced off her nose and went behind her. She got up, walked over to it and brought it back. Richard and I just stopped and looked at each other thinking she's not done that since surgery. Saturday morning I decided to have a bit of a sleep in and Richard was getting ready to go for a bike ride with some friends. As I was in bed, I could hear Siena howling in the living room. After a minute or two, I got out of bed and came out. She was howling because she wanted to go be with Richard (who had opened the garage door to load the van). She was not content just being in the living room (normally she 'helps' him load). When Richard came back in, he told me that she willingly got up to go out to potty (a first as it has been pulling teeth so far). All of this is a step in the right direction.

Today is her first day without the pain meds, but is still getting the ace every 12 hours. She is very antsy without the ace so the doctor has encouraged us to continue using it. We tried to go down to a half, but wasn't enough. Our regular vet called on Thursday and indicated that the ace will probably cause her to not feel herself, which will be stressful and could lead to diarrhea. I am very torn about that. Surgeon says to use it, regular vet says not to. We decided we would rather deal with some diarrhea than have her mess up the surgery and I feel since the surgeon is the expert in this, I have to listen to him...even if I don't fully agree.

Well, the bad news is the poos have been getting softer and softer over the past few days and last night was full on diarrhea frown She didn't even want to eat her dinner. She still has 12 days of antibiotics left (they won't budge on that due to possible rejection of the prosthetic by the body). The metacam stopped on Saturday (and have restarted DGP which hopefully will help her tummy). Tramadol is stopped (this may be causing diarrhea) and the ace is still in play til who knows when.

I did decide to go put her on bland food (oats and beef and pumpkin) and cooked that up tonight. Hopefully that will help her get the tum back on track. With our luck it's the cephalexin (antibiotic).

Tomorrow we're going to start our new routine, replacing exercise with something (training, ball toss, etc.) and see how that goes. I go back to work on Tuesday.
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#19526 - 03/14/10 11:59 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: DianaB]
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For the tummy, probiotics and l-glutamine capsules or powder? Maybe slippery elm or marshmallow?

Ugh, I hate cephalexin, it tears up the digestive system in my dogs - Indy vomits within 10 minutes of it now.

I love that she is doing so well though, and playing with her balls, all 5 of them wub
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#19551 - 03/15/10 12:41 AM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Cephalexin is rough on the digestive system!

Try the slippery elm but you need to give it an hour from the meds. It will hopefully make her gut feel better!

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#19676 - 03/15/10 02:23 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: BowWowMeow]
Barb E Offline

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It's tough when one part is going so well and another isn't. hugging

I agree with the slippery elm, I use Phytomucil (has SE in it), and it's been a life saver!
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#19682 - 03/15/10 02:32 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: Barb E]
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Don't get her too firm if she can't push it out though right? They need to use their legs to help boost the poop don't they? Of course, not saying you want her to have diarrhea, but I kept my ortho girls poop softer with canned food.

I think Tramadol would bind wouldn't? That might be why she's a bit antsy? (constipation)

So something to make her tummy feel okay and her poop easy to get out without bearing down, or am I overthinking the poop process too much?

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#19784 - 03/15/10 05:36 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
DianaB Offline

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Siena's diet has included slippery elm (2 tsp a day) for about two years now, as well as petdophilus for the past year. Whe her tum is bad, like now, we've added in Fast Balance GI which is a heavy duty probiotic and usually does wonders. I am always hesitant to use yogurt because of the dairy, that doesn't always agree.

I've not tried l-glutamine... where would I find that? Is it a human supplement too? I've heard of it, but not sure where to get it.

No BM yesterday (always a good sign) and this morning, she went out and had a half decent poop (formed, but soft) with the ending being a bit mushier and a bit of what we call 'follow up' where they walk a few feet, try again, walk a few more feet, try again (I think you get the picture).

The doc agrees it is likely the antibiotic, but he is hesitant to take her off too early (and I agree). If I can manage it through diet and supplements for another 10 days (today is our half way mark on the ab) then we'll be ok.

She happily ate the oats/beef mixture last night and this morning (usually wont' eat in the morning) so that is good.

It's difficult to space these things out (esp. when I return to work tomorrow). Meds in AM and dinner, probiotics at lunch and bedtime is how we do it now.

Phytomucil ... is that like metamucil? we have tons of that, but again, would have to space it out so it doesn't inhibit the antibiotic absorbtion.

Jean... we have never had any issue with constipation or hard poos (well, literally maybe one or two). She seems to be able to pee and poo normally with little discomfort. She is getting more canned food right now than normal and could also be part of the problem. She likes it though and we use it to hide her meds in it which works well. Putting just a bit (half can per day) in her meal to help it taste better.

I used to take Tramadol for my neck and it definitely gave me the constipation, but hasn't seemed to do that for Siena. Doc says it could be one or all the meds collectively doing this. She's down to two now, the ab and sedative so hopefully that will help it ease up a bit.

Overthink poop??? never! Poop has been a huge discussion over her entire life.

Oh, she gets her sutures out on Thursday morning (yeah!) and will get an exam from the surgeon too so he can check her progress.
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#19960 - 03/15/10 11:16 PM Re: Hip Replacement Surgery (pics included) [Re: DianaB]
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Probioitics and Antibiotics do not give at the same time. Allow if you can 4 hours between on to the other. If you don't the ABX works really hard at killing the tummy bacteria and may not have enough strength left for the stuff it is suppose to kill.

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