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#160332 - 06/08/11 08:37 AM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: Tarheel]
FunkyMonkeyJosie Offline

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we hit 100 yesterday!. I had to wake up real early ( 5ish) just so i can take Josie for a walk and have her do her usual run By the time it hits 9 it's already freakish hot!. Kiddie pools came out for her and a bucket of water. I threw a whole bunch of balls in the water and she played dunkn balls. She is a water maniac now smile.

Even my sheltie wouldn't come outside to play. You know it's hot if your sheltie rather stay inside.

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#160460 - 06/08/11 08:10 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: FunkyMonkeyJosie]
mspiker03 Offline

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Currently, we live in a place that doesn't get super hot. On warmer days, we head to the lake. We do our walks/runs in the morning and the temps are always ok then.

When we lived in San Digeo, they were either 1. inside with me and the AC (when I worked from home) and we exercised super early or late or took the day off. I would leave them inside for 3-4 hours at a time if need be. -OR- 2. when I didn't work from home, we set up a pop up shade outside along with their horse 5+ gallon bucket that we used for water so they could (and did) jump in and cool off. We would also exercise super early or late. On weekends, we would often head to the beach early in the mornings before the crowds got bad.
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#160520 - 06/09/11 12:09 AM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: Vinnie]
GSMOM Offline

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Our dogs stay inside with the AC on. In the evenings if it isn't so humid, I take them outside for a romp with the hose added with their play time. I'm heading to Wallyworld this weekend to buy them a pool.
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#160947 - 06/11/11 08:52 AM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: GSMOM]
ozzyandsandi Offline

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We get more humidity than heat and even still the 2 days this week our humidex got near 39 there was a nice breeze. We do an early morning walk, - maybe 2 miles and a late evening walk of the same distance. (I aim for 5 miles a day for me) Couple times this week I left Oz home on the evening walk but that was his back more than the heat.
We have a/c and a dehumidifier, no pool, I have great grass this year and don't want a mud pit. Fortunately by approx. 12:30 each afternoon the sun is towards the front of the house so the deck is in shade or at least part shade. I despise being inside, I still hear my mother's voice in my head "It's a nice day, get outside". Oz, even in heat would rather lay outside and there's a shade on my daughter's playpen, so we're usually outside as soon as the deck has some shade.
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#165296 - 07/02/11 11:30 AM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: ozzyandsandi]
OnePawtoAnother Offline
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Here in good ole N. Louisiana it is just Hot Hot, our days are usually in the upper 90's to lower 100's daily. Major stays inside while I am at work in the A/C, and as soon as I get home we fill the 5' round kiddy pool up and he goes for his swim in the nice cool water, play a little ball or frisbee. Sometimes I just take him on to the lake and I swim with him after work, It has gotten way to hot to hike except early weekend mornings. I also put ice blocks in the water bowls outside, give him frozen yogurt treats for a cool snack while I am outside working in the yard in the evevnings, he loves them. We usually end up the evening with a round of training in english, german and hand signals, he loves his homeade treats. On weekends I try to plan on visiting friends on the lake and take him with me were ever that may be flea market, fishing, canoeing. I run all erands after work so he is not in the car with me, just to hot.

Some members of my family tend to say I have gone overboard with my dog, but my belief is that I picked this pup to live with me and it is my duty to care for him, just as I did with Rex (rip).
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#165298 - 07/02/11 12:36 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: OnePawtoAnother]
middleofnowhere Offline
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AC in the house & truck - none of us would make it here in Central AR without this. For the most part, they're only out in the early morning and later at evening.

Last night at 2 AM the temp was actually rather nice out for our abbreviated walk.
Training today was in the shade between 8:30 & 9 AM or so. Few people were at the club so it was easy and quick and outathere.

In dry heat (not much of that in AR) I would use the cooler pads that were filled with pellets that hold moisture & the cooler collars, too. They really worked. Here, they just don't dry out quickly enough for me.

We've had the dog pool (neighbor threw it out) & hose out a time or two but the youngster gets so carried away I don't know if it is effective or not.

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#165366 - 07/02/11 06:08 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: middleofnowhere]
Diogy Pup Offline
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This is a great topic! I just read through it and have taken a few tips for Diogy.

He loves to play in the kids pool, run through the sprinkler, eat water and lay around in the shade.
I try to minimize car rides or errands on hot days just cause its too hot. (: We have AC too.
Yesterday it was 75 and the cement was HOT I walked out to get the mail, Diogy followed me and he was picking his paws up as soon as he put them down, he quickly ran back to the grass.

Thanks for the great topic!
Diogy's Mom~

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#165411 - 07/02/11 08:56 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: Diogy Pup]
DancingCavy Offline

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No A/C here. I get us out early for our walk before it gets too incredibly hot. And, if it is warm, I make sure to stop and let Risa cool off partway through the walk so she doesn't overheat. I bring our portable water dish with me and get her a drink at one of the water fountains where we usually take our stroll.

When we lived in MT and CT, I would take her swimming as frequently as I could. I don't have a water source here. frown I did buy her a kiddie pool but haven't used it much yet. She's not much of a water dog anyway.

We spend as much time downstairs as we can; it's cooler down there. If her walks are cut short, I try and get her out for some brief playing in the yard or some brain-work inside to make up for it and keep her from going stir crazy!
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#165505 - 07/03/11 12:19 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: Tarheel]
Angel Offline

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I love ice cubes in the water. Even on hiking expeditions, I like to pop ice cubes in the doggy water bottles and make sure to keep offering water, take breaks in the shade, and even just avoid physical activity when it's way too hot. On the extreme heat days, go out when the sun isn't high in the sky and for short periods of time.

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#165536 - 07/03/11 07:10 PM Re: HOT Days and Dogs [Re: Angel]
Kayos Offline

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A/C!!!!! Wading pool!!!! Mister!!!!

It is 104 here right now. I wanted to track this morning. I got up at 5:30 and it was already 83. It was 90 by 8. No tracking today.

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