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#172784 - 08/11/11 11:33 PM Re: What is this?? [Re: frillint]
Quinnsmom Offline

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Don't wait until next week to see a vet. These things can grow quickly, especially if he starts licking. Clip the hair around the hot spot close with sharp scissors and start treating. It could have been caused by a flea bite or by damp fur but the treatment is the same and needs to be started soon. And don't be hard on yourself wink , he'll be better soon!

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#172793 - 08/11/11 11:53 PM Re: What is this?? [Re: Quinnsmom]
frillint Offline

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Treat it with what? I also don't have any sharp scissors they are pretty dull. I could get him to the vet next week after noon on Monday I am off Tuesday and Wednesday. It also seems like he has some bumps on his skin, so I wouldn't want to cut his skin. He is also itching other places beside there, so I think I would need antibiotis or maybe it is fleas that gave it to him and he does have fleas. I dont know.
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#172817 - 08/12/11 12:48 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: frillint]
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Buy a pair of decent scissors--they don't cost much. After you clip it I would get a washcloth and do a hot compress on the area as it looks like it has quite a bit of puss. Then you should apply something that will dry the area out. I guess hydrogen peroxide would be ok. I use Rejuva Spray and calendula cream but you might have a hard time finding those things.

I think that Gold Bond powder (?) is supposed to work well.

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#172829 - 08/12/11 04:52 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: BowWowMeow]
bianca Offline
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I agree, please try and clip/treat if you can't get into the vet. It will more than likely get much worse the longer you leave it. I know Molly's was so painful for her she was beside herself with misery and her's got to look like that in a few hours.....

Good luck.
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#172836 - 08/12/11 07:23 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: bianca]
PositiveDog Online   coffee
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I have a golden and they are known for hot spots. Buddy gets one at least once a year and we haven't figured out why. Don't blame yourself, jut get treatment quickly.

They not only grow fast, they get infected easily and staph is a problem.

If you can't get to the vet today, please do what others advised to help for now.

Buddy has had some that go quickly, and some that got huge overnight and took days to treat. The longer you wait, the worse it will get and it needs antibiotics as well.

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#172844 - 08/12/11 09:40 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: PositiveDog]
Liesje Offline

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You want to get that shaved and dried ASAP. If it's at/near the tail and continues to spread, you do NOT want to end up with anal/anal gland issues on top of it. The spot should be shaved, cleaned, and then dried. Often vets give antibiotics and steroids. I usually avoid both but when Coke had a huge spot by his butt I gave him the drugs, didn't want the spot to have any chance of spreading to his anal area.

If you absolutely can't get to a vet, maybe try a groomer? You need to get the hair away from that area so it can be kept clean and dry. Also make sure the dog can't lick/scratch it. If you can't find a vet or groomer, then cut as much hair off as possible, wash the spot with water and mild soap, pat it dry, and keep the dog from touching it. Personally I wouldn't and don't use hydrogen peroxide on any open wound (dog or human) as it eats away at heeling skin and is overkill for disinfecting. I just use a warm compress and then gently wash the area with warm water and a tiny bit if antibacterial dish soap.

This was Coke's last hotspot, the one that I did treat with the medications, first when I trimmed and cleaned the area and then after the vet shaved it.

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#172854 - 08/12/11 11:01 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: Liesje]
Natalie559 Offline

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I personally think seeing a vet for one hot spot is a bit much. When Penny gets a spot, she has flea allergy, I use a flea comb to get the chewed bits of fur off from around the spot and the comb helps me to part her fur so I can get a good view of the spot. Then I use cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide to clean the gunk off, only once though b/c as Liesje mentioned it can damage the healing skin. Then I sprinkle a good amount of gold bond medicated powder on the area and pat it in/on. Repeat the gold bond powder as necessary and as long as the dog doesn't rechew the area it will be healed within a few days.

There have been a few spots that I had a really hard time getting Penny to leave alone and for those times the vet gave me a topical steroid liquid that would help with the itch. I rarely use this though.

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#172855 - 08/12/11 11:17 AM Re: What is this?? [Re: Natalie559]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Raya had a hot spot on her cheek. I did go to the Vet because I had never seen one on the face before. New twist, the Vet gave me some Tramadol. My Vet feels that a lot of the chewing on the spot after it blows up is nerve pain because there are a lot of nerve ending just below the skin.
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#172867 - 08/12/11 12:10 PM Re: What is this?? [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
frillint Offline

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Its almost in thee same spot at yours liesje but on both sides. He is still itchy all over. I think I will try cuutting the fur away and just washing is away seeing what I can do here, but I think ill still take him to the vet to see if their are more spots or so they can give me some meds. He is not really chewing the fur away though.
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#172872 - 08/12/11 01:20 PM Re: What is this?? [Re: frillint]
Liesje Offline

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Vet/no vet, depends on the dog and the spot. We took Coke in for that last one because it doubled in size very quickly and showed no signs of slowing down and was moving down the base of the tail towards the anus. I have a friend whose dog had anal infection issues and was not about to deal with that! I don't have a clippers that I can trim him with, so even if we just go in to get the area trimmed that is worth it to me (we got a clippers from a friend and it does not cut through Coke's coat!). It cost about the same for me to see my vet than go to a groomer for help with the trim. Also that last one was nasty. The area was very inflamed, it was weeping constantly, smelled bad. Coke is a huge baby when it comes to any amount of pain and my DH is kind of a baby as far as helping me out, so it's easier for me to take him to the vet where they can help me trim and clean the area. I can't do it alone b/c the dog fights (not biting but struggling and crying). I'm not scared of him but he's huge, bigger than my GSDs, so I can't hold and trim at the same time. His other spots I did not medicate, just got them trimmed and then kept them dry and clean on my own. I've never tried the Gold Bond since each time as soon as he gets properly trimmed the spot seems to stop spreading and dry up, but I've heard it recommended many times.
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