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#206642 - 01/19/12 12:54 PM Worried about Jarie (pictures included)
TMarie Offline
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I am so sick with worry. Please tell me someone here has seen this before and it isn't as bad as what I am thinking it may be.

The first 3 photos are of the left teat and surrounding area. This was not there a week ago. The bottom 2 photos are of the right teat and surrounding area, armpit and chest. That appeared a couple weeks ago, but wasn't as bad. I was applying some cream and it cleared up really well. I just thought it was a bad case of her allergies and scratching it raw.

In the bottom photo you will see one of her lower teats in the photo and it is partly black too. I didn't think much of the black because her teats have been that color since she was 1 yr old. No redness around that one but wanted to include that in the photo for comparison. She will be 6 years old in a couple weeks. She was spayed at 2 yrs old.

She is going to the vet Saturday morning. Needless to say I am beyond worried, trying not to be. Any questions I need to ask, or anything I need to prepare myself for before Saturday? Anything that might need surgery isn't going to be a very good option. frown

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#206654 - 01/19/12 01:26 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: TMarie]
MaxaLisa Offline

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I don't know anything about this stuff, but it does look scary, doesn't it?

I woke up worring about Jarie this morning, how weird is that?
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#206656 - 01/19/12 01:27 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: TMarie]
LauraHolder Offline

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Have never seen anything like that before, but I want you to know that I'm sending positive energy your way. hugging
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#206658 - 01/19/12 01:29 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: MaxaLisa]
Kayos Offline

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Tammy I have not seen this before. Hoping it is simple case of mastitis and can be cleared up with a course of abx. Poor Jarie, poor Tammy. SHe really keeps you on your toes doesn't she? hugging

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#206671 - 01/19/12 02:09 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: Kayos]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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I have never seen any thing like that. Sending good vibes for Jarie and strength and calming vibes for you Tammy. Jarie couldn't be in better hands.
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#206675 - 01/19/12 02:12 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
Mary Jane Offline
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No knowledge here, just hopes for something simple and easy to treat for Jarie.


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#206678 - 01/19/12 02:25 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: Mary Jane]
BowWowMeow Offline
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The red scratchy thing looks like it could be from her claws. Was she scratching the area?
Is it itchy for her?
The blackish skin looks like the beginning of a yeast infection. Basu had terrible skin allergies and his teats used to get a bit infected and nasty looking.

Do you have any of the Rejuva spray? What happens when you wash the area off?

I'm hoping it's just her skin allergies...

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#206682 - 01/19/12 02:27 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: Mary Jane]
Braverhund Offline
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Tammy, I am worried because you are worried. hugging Aside from our fears, I do know that horses can get inflammation when a mare's nipples collect wax and she may have an infection, it clears on it's own, but then inflammation may persist in some cases. Just throwing that out there for the sake of hope. I don't know from the pics what it is. My best positive energies will be being beamed to Jarie now and on Saturday. Please let us know what the vet thinks!
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#206691 - 01/19/12 03:02 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: Braverhund]
AgilePaws Offline

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Tammy, I would guess it's a staph infection. MRSA is a possibility too, but sending good thoughts that it's staph that can be resolved with ABX. I highly doubt it's anything what would require surgery. hugging

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#206697 - 01/19/12 03:32 PM Re: Worried about Jarie (pictures included) [Re: AgilePaws]
TMarie Offline
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Ruth, yes, she scratches it. I know she cut it with her nails, also a very small cut in the bottom side of the actual teat:(

It doesn't wash off. I do use the Rejuva spray. It helps her not scratch as often. But it isn't going away.

I just found it odd that the same thing has now spread to the other teat.

Sandy, thank you. I was thinking yeast or staph infection too. I have no experience with either, but just very concerned with it being on and around her teats.

The one in the first 3 pics, wasn't all that noticeable, without pulling her hair away, but once I did, it actually looks worse then the other side.

Thanks everyone. I will update more on Saturday after the vet appt.

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