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#232005 - 05/22/12 01:00 PM Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters
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Hopefully this will be a happy journey...we don't know exactly. crossedfingers

Keelin came from TN like so many great dogs with weird issues, such as Mariele and Annalise, so of course she was a dog that I would like and was immediately drawn to, despite the fact that she is white. wink

However, I will say this - I could not do the job that her foster is doing. Keelin has been diagnosed with an ectopic ureter, meaning that instead of the little tube delivering her urine into her bladder, it is taking it to the vagina. Which fills with urine, and then it flows out of there when she is laying down. Her foster is keeping her diapered, trying to keep her clean (and doing an excellent job - no more urine scald, etc), and with the hotter weather, doing more of it all as Keelin drinks more water!

This is video her foster got of her flow. shocked

I met Keelin to take her to my vet and when I went to pick her up, she jumped up to give kisses. I was done! I though she was probably a Husky mix and so pretty! I sent her picture to Joanne to see what she thought and she thought so too. smile I had sent the video to the vet office and they all said shocked too when they saw it. We were hoping it was a deep kidney infection. He did an exam and gave his guessinosis, which turned out to be exactly correct. It is a physical abnormality. Definitely! A thing seen in Siberian Huskies as well as some other breeds.

We were lucky enough to be able to do a CT scan that has confirmed it. I thought it looked like a lava lamp, but was told that there was actually dog parts showing up on the screen:

She is a bouncy, happy girl. She loves people, has fun doing things, seems really well behaved and has a great temperament.

So you've met Keelin's pee, and her CT scan picture, now here she is!

I feel like this board has a lot of great information and resources and hope that people may know someone who has done this surgery, or has good input on this condition, and if you can keep her in your thoughts too!

I took these pictures after tossing her in a crate in my car, driving an hour and tying her to various things at a little park before we went to the vet!

I am good, no?

And I have a pretty haircut!

So sweet...

We couldn't sedate for the CT scan, but my vet gave her some Xanax aka Xanaxxoxoxoxxox says Keelin...

Picture in Picture!

Grateful just for the love...

Thanks for looking.
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#232015 - 05/22/12 01:55 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
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Oh she is darling! Can they repair her ureter?

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#232018 - 05/22/12 02:00 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: Kayos]
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Thanks - she really is!

Not sure. It's weird. It sounds like there are ways to do it, but no guarantee that it will work 100%. I keep asking (like a Magpie or whatever bird would repeat things continuously to the annoyance of others) what about taking the kidney and the ureter and then just using the one kidney that has normal wiring? But we haven't gotten that far yet, as we are using as many favors as possible in terms of planning for her/what we can do first. smile

Her sweetness is really the reason for looking into/trying things for her. A temperament like that...she's just wonderful.
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#232022 - 05/22/12 02:02 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
Braverhund Online   partay
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Oh, what a sweet, precious girl she is! wub Sending positive thoughts and vibes that she can be repaired via surgery safely, and that she will have a clean, comfy, happy life! crossedfingers
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#232073 - 05/22/12 06:36 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: Braverhund]
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Oh sweet, sweet girl. I am so glad you have people caring for you. wub

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#232151 - 05/23/12 08:16 AM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: PositiveDog]
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Keelin is gorgeous, she looks as sweet as her nature. I hope that something can be done for her - this link (you have probably already seen it) does seem encouraging.
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#232172 - 05/23/12 09:35 AM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: Qyn]
Mary Jane Offline
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I just keep coming back to Keelin's pictures and melting. It's a mystery to me how some dogs maintain such a wonderful character while ill; without a dedicated foster she must have had urine burns. That tail trim is something.

So she's gorgeous and I hope that whatever surgery is called for has a quick and complete recovery.


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#232238 - 05/23/12 03:43 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: Mary Jane]
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She's a beauty and a sweetheart! Sure do hope that there are good options for her crossedfingers
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#232458 - 05/24/12 05:08 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
Barb E Offline

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She's darling!!

This is what they do in people:
Nephrectomy (upper pole heminephrectomy): In this surgery, the kidney or the portion of it drained by the ectopic ureter is removed. This stops the flow of urine into the ectopic ureter, thus curing the incontinence and reducing the chance of infection. Technically the simplest operation, also has the lowest complication risk. It is particularly attractive when the kidney or portion of the kidney draining through the ectopic ureter is functioning poorly. It may also be used when that kidney portion is functioning properly if the opposite kidney is normal. This operation has been traditionally performed through an incision under the ribs but can now be done laparoscopically in some patients. The main disadvantages are that the potentially functioning kidney tissue may be removed and the bottom end of the ectopic ureter is left in place. While usually not a problem, the remaining part of the ectopic ureter can be a future source for infection.

Ureteropyelostomy: In this procedure, the ectopic ureter is divided near the kidney and sewn into the normal collecting system of the lower part of the kidney. This allows the urine from the upper part of the kidney to drain normally. It has the advantage of protecting all the kidney tissue but still leaves the bottom half of the ectopic ureter in place. It also has a slightly higher complication rate than the other operations.

Ureteral reimplantation: In this operation, the ectopic ureter is divided near the bottom and sewn into the bladder in such a way that urine drains well and does not flow backwards. Usually performed through an incision above the pubic bone, this procedure has a slightly higher complication rate than the other two surgeries. It can also be technically difficult if performed in small infants. However, like ureteropyelostomy, this operation preserves all kidney tissue. Furthermore, it removes more of the abnormal ectopic ureter than the other two procedures and allows the surgeon to stop any vesicoureteral reflux.

Kind of an interesting read for me since I had a Ureteral reimplantation when I was 21 due to reflux in duplicate ureters smile and a partial Nephrectomy on the other side when I was 23!! smile
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#232607 - 05/25/12 04:40 PM Re: Keelin - Beautiful Girl - Ectopic Ureters [Re: Barb E]
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Wow Barb, you are definitely unique!

I hope things work out for Keelin. She's so sweet!

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