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#23774 - 03/24/10 04:20 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: GrandJan]
gsdlove212 Offline
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Glad to hear Clover is feeling better! Hopefully your skin kiddo will begin to feel better soon as well! Keeping you and yours in my prayers!

Shadow~run free at the bridge my sweet girl...i love you
Gianna v. Wildhaus
Siren (lab-demon)

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#23781 - 03/24/10 05:01 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: gsdlove212]
Kayos Offline

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Glad to hear Clover has improved!

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#23805 - 03/24/10 06:05 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Kayos]
Koda's Mom Offline

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Just got home from work. I'm glad the Clover is feeling better and I hope whatever had him so sick has passed, for good. Hope you baby girl feels better too. And please try and get some rest.

Fur Family:
Dakota "Koda" GSD 02/20/2008

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#23827 - 03/24/10 07:23 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Koda's Mom]
butch33611 Offline

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I just read this thread and Im very happy to hear the outcome. The thing that struck me most was how lucky Clover is to have people who care enough about him that would sacrafice things they really care about to insure his well being. I too have a small gun collection and would gladly give it up if it would mean keeping Sarge with us.

Sounds to me like your husband is a pretty good guy and Clover is a very lucky Dog to have you both.
In dog training, jerk is a noun, not a verb.

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#23835 - 03/24/10 08:01 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: butch33611]
PositiveDog Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I just saw this - what you have gone through! I am so happy to hear things are on the upswing.

Hugs to you and your husband to be thinking of what you could sell if surgery was needed. True dog lovers. hugging

Clover- keep up sweetie and stay healthy. fetch

With approval of my friends:

SamCat, 03/2011

Seiko, Solo, Sophie, Skye and Buddy - bridge dogs who taught me so much

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#23838 - 03/24/10 08:04 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: butch33611]
georgiapeachGSD Offline

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"What?? everyone was worried about ME???"

"well don't worry...I all better now!"

His vet called me this afternoon to check on him, and he has now passed more poop and its clear from blood and foreighn objects. The vet thinks it was something toxic, maybe fertilizer that the HOA people put down, or some for of poison, or something that he somehow found even though he spent 99% of his day leashed and tethered to me when I got home yesterday.

Looks like for the moment hubby's gun collection is safe!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes today. I have never seen young dog so very very sick before. frown Thankfully my best furry buddy is going to hang around a bit longer! smile He is still eating well (and mad when there is no more in the bowl) and back to being Clover chewing on my feet at the computer and barking at me and killing Mr Chicken! I am the happiest puppy owner in the world right now!!! I slept for almost 3 hours this afternoon when hubby got home from work and ready for a long night again with the skin kid variety. smile

Diana, I am so glad siena was ok after her issue was found as resolved, its crazy how much we love these buggers!!
Mommy to Clover 11/26/2009 and Momma, our Foster Failure Pittie who stole our hearts and part of the couch 10/10
and 2 not so furry kids, Christopher, 6, and Laci, 3!

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#23864 - 03/24/10 09:10 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: georgiapeachGSD]
Buoyant Dog Offline

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Oh he is so cute! I am glad you are better, CLOVER! hugging

Gloria Beatrice vom Animal Shelter, BGSD b. 2/07, rescued 2/09

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#23875 - 03/24/10 09:33 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Buoyant Dog]
LifeAsMe Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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So glad he's feeling better!

I've seen signs in front of ppl's houses telling the state to not put down weed killer in front of their house. The spray travels so he could have 'ingested' it as it floated around.

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#23878 - 03/24/10 09:38 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: LifeAsMe]
georgiapeachGSD Offline

Registered: 03/03/10
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Loc: N. GA
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I am going to look into a sign for fertilizer days for sure, and I have learned a lesson the hard way on how to be even more careful than I already am. We are changing the way we do a few things. He is terrorizing the kids again before bed tonight. LOL

hopefully after some sleep I will be able to type tomorrow.

Thank you all again!
Mommy to Clover 11/26/2009 and Momma, our Foster Failure Pittie who stole our hearts and part of the couch 10/10
and 2 not so furry kids, Christopher, 6, and Laci, 3!

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#23881 - 03/24/10 09:45 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: georgiapeachGSD]
Arlene Offline
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Thank goodness everything is ok...I am just reading this now & so happy Clover is feeling better smile
Atticus ~GSD
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