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#23685 - 03/24/10 11:49 AM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Samba]
arycrest Offline

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How frightening - poor Clover, I hope he's feeling better soon. And I also hope Robin is doing well, can't imagine how stressful this must be for her. I'm mega paranoid when a Hooligan is vomiting, I especially worry about dehydration and the possibilty of some type of blockage.
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#23692 - 03/24/10 12:06 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: arycrest]
smerry Offline

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Just saw this ... poor clover, we are praying for you here smile get well soon ...
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#23700 - 03/24/10 12:20 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Kris]
Rescues Rule Admin

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Maybe sweet potato/yam instead of rice? I am afraid of rice.

There is always intucusseption. which is rough because it can telescope in and out. I don't know if you would qualify for that, but not qualifying for Care Credit is a part of it.
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#23702 - 03/24/10 12:36 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: JeanKBBMMMAAN]
georgiapeachGSD Offline

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I have an amazing update that I had hoped to give Molly first, but she is having a bust morning so....


He is eating and holding it down, he is drinking small amounts of water, he is chasing the cats, and countersurfing and barking at the crockpot bc he is mad I wont give him more food at a time.

He has made an 80-90% improvement in just 5.5 hours or so!!!!

I believe in the power of prayer and well wishes and he is my proof in that.

So far we havent had a bowel movement, but I believe that if it was an obstruction, he would be getting worse, not better.

The vets say rice and chicken, and thats what I am going to use. I have to stop giving him all these rich things for now.

He will stay on chicken and rice for the next 2 weeks, and then he will go back to a grain enriched diet. The vet thinks Clover is one of those GSDs that just cannot handle rich grain free least not now at 4 months today.

I am think the Hollistic Select...but for now its chicken and rice and yogurt...and he thinks he is the king getting fed from a spoon this amazing food with pets and love in between bites! wub

It looks like my baby boy is pulling through!!!

Thank you all again! I love you guys! <3
Mommy to Clover 11/26/2009 and Momma, our Foster Failure Pittie who stole our hearts and part of the couch 10/10
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#23703 - 03/24/10 12:38 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: georgiapeachGSD]
Elf Arrow Offline

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Thank goodness!

Sending more healing vibes for Clover.


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#23709 - 03/24/10 12:43 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Elf Arrow]
SunCzarina Offline

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I'm so glad he's feeling better this morning! Just saw this thread and I was scared for you and Clover.

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#23710 - 03/24/10 12:44 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: SunCzarina]
Samba Offline

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I kept checking for an update. This is such encouraging news!!! Keep barking Clover!

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#23715 - 03/24/10 12:53 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: Samba]
georgiapeachGSD Offline

Registered: 03/03/10
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jenn if you seen him yesterday you would have thought he was going to die over night. Other than parvo I have never seen a puppy as sick as he was.

even sick though, if I moved he would force himself to get up and move closer to me til I finally gave up and layed on the floor and stayed still all night. My husband plugged my phone in closer to me so I could get my emails and calls and texts and he went to the store for food for him and pepto bismol. (approved fror dogs)

I feel like the walking dead right now, but seeing clover barking at the crockpot filled my heart with so much joy, I felt like the grinch when he realizes what christmas is really about! wink

I am so blessed to have such a HUGE suppost chain, and to have such an amazing husband, and friends, and my mom who came from work (she is a cop) to the vets and sat with me and then offered to pay the whole bill til I could pay her back. (we split it to make room for more care if need be over night at the e-vet) and to have so many love Clover so personally on here too and then my friends with southerncross who are there for me 24 hours a day if I need them....I never felt alone. **tears**
Mommy to Clover 11/26/2009 and Momma, our Foster Failure Pittie who stole our hearts and part of the couch 10/10
and 2 not so furry kids, Christopher, 6, and Laci, 3!

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#23720 - 03/24/10 01:04 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: georgiapeachGSD]
jarn Offline

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I'm so glad he's doing better!!!!!! What a relief for you!
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#23721 - 03/24/10 01:07 PM Re: Need prayers for Clover [Re: georgiapeachGSD]
LukesMom Offline

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Good boy Clover, I am so glad to hear you're feeling better. Keep milking Mom for all the special attention you deserve, you'll both feel better.

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