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#209276 - 01/30/12 10:15 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: Virginia]
ozzyandsandi Offline

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Would they be open to a very large dog? The reason I ask is with the economy and such alot of people are giving up mastiffs, Saints and extra large mixes because of cost. I mean the food bill makes my eyes bug out of my head, the drool is like OMG I just polished the dining room table, but I really love Dolly. Take her for a walk, let her play with Oz in the yard, she tires before him and he's an old man smile Other than that, she would sit beside you all day for ear rubs. The training is slower, but she's super smart. One incidence of counter surfing since she's been here and hey it was a nice roast, I would have done it too. Yesterday she was a bit sulky, but in the morning I gave her a treat and she was excited and grazed my hand with her teeth, it shocked me, I didn't yell, but she acted like she had done bad all day after. Soft, sweet personality, really wants to work for me.
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#209283 - 01/30/12 10:52 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: ozzyandsandi]
LifeAsMe Offline
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Collie. Smooth Coat if they don't want to deal with all the hair. Next time I have a collie it will be a smooth coat white or blue merle. They are beautiful!

Tell them to look up Collie rescues. I know there are some in the MD area.

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#228233 - 05/02/12 07:49 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: AgilePaws]
Krystie Offline
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I would suggest a hound....a bloodhound is a laid back dog, good with kids, great temperment, just need to watch the nose....they follow their nose so a fence is manditory. They can also look into a GSD but a senior one that doesn't have much of a chance in a shelter....I'm all for the rescuing out of shelters b/c there is no sense in buying a dog from a breeder and let a shelter dog die. and there are TONS of purebreds in shelters. and honestly APBT's are good dogs despite their rap they have. I've had Pits and they are awesome dogs for families

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#228234 - 05/02/12 07:52 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: FurKids]
Krystie Offline
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Originally Posted By: FurKids
Originally Posted By: PositiveDog
get 'em a Lab or Golden Retriever.

Seriously?? rofl

I don't know any retrievers that were born laid back. High energy until at 3 years old in most cases and they like to work.

It's my understanding, too, that labs & retrievers are most often high energy dogs that need to work, some even more than gsd's.

Huskies, too ... they were born to pull ... thinking walks may not be so pleasant.

Huskies are pullers and they are diggers if they don't have any mental stimulation, they can become destructive, as any dog can but my neighbor has a huskey and he doesn't have alot of stimulation so he's highly destructive.....digs like crazy...eats just all around he's a hot mess...adorable....but a hot mess

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#230695 - 05/15/12 05:06 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: Krystie]
ladyfreckles Offline

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+1 on the mutt suggestion.

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#243205 - 07/18/12 05:45 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: Virginia]
Destiny Offline
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You should think about getting a Basset Hound. Basset Hounds are around 40-60 pounds, medium sized dogs, their exercise level is low, energy can be decent, good watch dogs, and can be easy to train. Although, I suggest you do MORE research on any breed that others may give you as well. You just don't go off getting a certain dog breed without researching the breed and being around them. To me getting a dog breed without research or being around them is like getting a Border Collie and expecting it to act like, or be like a German Shepherd.

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#261472 - 11/24/12 11:52 AM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: Destiny]
callmemaybe Offline
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not hounds other than greyhound no and no husky these kids want a easy dog to live with so they can do what they like

shar pai

chow chow

yes greyhound

you dont really train any of these dogs are all very cat like

chow chow from a proper breeder will be VERY lazy and very cat like not a dog you train. I use to help a breeder out with them.

English bulldog is another.

Bernese mountain dog also but they are big with big hair and knock things over.

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#261664 - 11/25/12 06:38 PM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: callmemaybe]
GSDElsa Offline

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OMG people, look at the date of the thread! I was reading through this thinking "This thread sounds SO familiar....................."
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#261666 - 11/25/12 06:49 PM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: GSDElsa]
Vinnie Offline

The Italian One

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Originally Posted By: GSDElsa
OMG people, look at the date of the thread! I was reading through this thinking "This thread sounds SO familiar....................."

rofl I thought the same thing.
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#269398 - 01/27/13 07:37 PM Re: What breed would you recommend... [Re: AgilePaws]
Glenda Offline
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what about a beagle ? I had one growing up they are wonderful pets likes to play and a good companion also, some energy just enough for small children. We had two, Buddy and Mary Jane love them both.

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