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#249174 - 08/24/12 06:39 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Alter-Ego]
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Bianca, Don and I are so sad to hear this news. Rosa was right around that age when we found out too.

For now, don't try to think too far ahead until the specialist can see the x-rays. She/He is the one who can really lay out the options for you.

Do you think you will do a surgery? I can't believe how expensive they quoted the THR at. That is about double I think, I'd have to look up what we spent on Rosa. frown

Alter-Ego, to answer your question, we took Rosa in to have her hips checked by x-ray because we saw her having symptoms of pain and limited range of motion in her hips. She was not quite a year old and had been having problems for a couple months. With Niko, we waited until he was a year old and was getting his neuter, and while he was under anesthesia from that, we had then x-ray his hips too (they were fine). If you have a dog with no symptoms, I would wait until she is two years old and fully grown.

Bianca, just... hugging I know you are upset, I feel so bad for you and Brad. hugging

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#249175 - 08/24/12 06:41 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Good_Karma]
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Oh holy heck, those are bad hips. teary

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#249176 - 08/24/12 06:45 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Good_Karma]
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Bianca, hugging I am so sad to hear this. You and Cooper have gone through so much and this added punch is so unfair.

I cannot even think what to say for comfort. Just that I am thinking of you.


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#249177 - 08/24/12 06:53 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: PositiveDog]
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Don wanted me to tell you that they'd never do both hips at the same time, if they even did both hips (a big if, Rosa will only have her one done unless something happens in the future) they would be spaced out over a year I would think.

Also he wanted me to tell you that it was the best $4000 we ever spent. hugging

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#249178 - 08/24/12 07:01 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Good_Karma]
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Oh, Bianca! hugging hugging hugging hugging hugging I'm so very, very sorry to read this! Those are indeed frightening hip pics. Perhaps the specialist can offer options that might not seem insurmountable. This news is beyond horrible, and after you've been through so much with Cooper. My hope is that perhaps if one hip gets surgery, that the other can be managed with excersise and supplements, and especially supplements geared to shore up a joint as much as possible and reduce inflammation. I, too, know people with very dysplastic dogs who have gone the sonservative route with them, and the dogs lived fully, happy, busy lives. It's about both function and pain level, and ultimately, some dogs may need both hips done, but others thrive on supplemental support and gentle, regular excersise.

So many here have been down the same road, that there will surely be good guidance and support here. I am sending you good thoughts today, and wishing you some measure of comfort and strength. hugging
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#249181 - 08/24/12 07:31 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Braverhund]
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Thank you so much Leah and Don and Bonnie and Patti hugging hugging

My boy has had his dinner and is sleeping now wub

I am just in total shock, I was thinking perhaps he may have something wrong with an elbow or shoulder...not this.

Leah and Don, I think that is sage advice, I do tend to think the worst! So I have been googling (of course) and now kind of understand what FHO, TPO, and THR is.

I will have to wait and see what the specialist thinks. Come-on next week already!

But yes, if they recommend surgery as the very best option, then that is what we will do. It just makes it even harder as I will have to get my parents to stay and look after Brad and the animals if I have to take him down south.

I have a sick sense of humor so when I told Brad, I was balling and snotting (like Coopie) and reminded him that he calls my Molly a lemon laugh Oh well, Coop fits in well here.
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#249189 - 08/24/12 07:55 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: bianca]
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I have just been gasping at the screen reading about your beautiful Coop. I'm so sad for you but I am sure to my bones that Cooper will get whatever he needs to be fine. There are such awful periods between hearing and then deciding and then seeing the result.

Coop is so gorgeous and so funny and he and Molly pulse pure charm through cyberspace. You will all find a way through this.

I'm just so sorry,

Mary Jane

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#249194 - 08/24/12 08:15 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Good_Karma]
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Originally Posted By: Good_Karma
Oh holy heck, those are bad hips. teary

Yes they are. Worse than Kayos's and she has really bad hips! I pretty much followed a similar path that Ruth took. We knew Kayos had HD at about 14 months, managed weight and did supplements and she had a THR on the right hip when she was 4.5. We have not and will not do the left hip. We just did HA injections into the left hip and finished that series of 3 injections last Friday. It has definitely helped. We went this route because she is sensitve to NSAIDs.

Her THR was $5000 US dollars in 2008. Kayos is now 9 years and 8 months and doing very well.

I am so sorry....... I understand the sick feeling in your gut. I sat in the car and cried when we saw Kayos's rads. They were awful. You were so hopeful of a great healthy pup and Cooper has been anything but. On the positive side, Kayos's temperament is fabulous, she is the best dog in the world to me. She is a real trooper despite the hips. Cooper seems very tolerant, very amenable and another dog with wonderful outlook on life. This will be okay eventually but it is going to be expensive for all of his life. hugging

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#249195 - 08/24/12 08:21 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: Mary Jane]
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So sorry about Coop. Siena was diagnosed at about three and had surgery on one hip (THR) at 3.5. She never limped til then and we learned the ball joint had broken clean thru and healed (incorrectly). Given the young age, the specialist recommended a Zion hip which is better for a) young dogs (cement less and held in place with screws) and b) great for GSD because of the bone structure. We need both done but so far only done one. About $6k USD.

We have managed the other with low impact exercise (walk, swim, with little jumping and use ramps to get in/out of the car). She also does regular chiropractic and occasional acu, along with supplements above.

Like your dog, has a full spectrum of GSD health issues, with digestive issues being the main culprit of joint issues. I did write extensively on our experience on this board (back in march 2009? Just as this board was started. Overall we were pleased with the outcome, even though it was tough (emotionally, physically and financially).

Does your breeder guarantee hips? Maybe that can help?

So sorry, again. Here to support if we can. Oh, do you have access to Care Credit? We were able to finance for one year interest free. $500 a month is much easier than $6k in one punch.
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#249196 - 08/24/12 08:37 AM Re: Cooper - Hip Dysplasia [Re: DianaB]
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I am so sorry hugging

I have no advice, but reading through this thread there is a lot of very very good inforamtion in here.


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