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#298548 - 11/01/13 12:32 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: shepnterrier]
shepnterrier Offline

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Ah, you mentioned ribs? Last year I bruised mine twice when out with youngster Elly, once it was a trip to the ER.

First one I was running with leashed Elly in the woods, never fast enough for her and too fast for me, sigh. Wearing progressives I don't always see what is underfoot. I tripped over a root or rock and whamm! slammed without reflex on jagged rocks. It took what seemed like a long time before I was able to get up. I didn't go see a doc, they don't tape ribs anymore, and it didn't feel like I had soft tissue injuries. Just weeks of dull pain. ugh. Maybe Elly was the last large pup I raised...

Then in the early am, not my most alert time, Elly and I out on a soccer field. Another dog, a misunderstanding between Elly and me, and I slammed against the goal post. I knew, the ribs again.

Three days later I had to sneeze and that sent me to the ER. I couldn't breathe and the pain had me I don't know where. At the ER they x-rayed and gave me narcotics. The pharmacist recommended a rib belt in case I had to sneeze again. That thing took away most of the worry of another sneeze and knock out. I needed it. All good now. Pup is maturing, phew.

Oh, it's all better than sitting at home and letting life pass by smile
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#300079 - 11/20/13 12:19 AM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: shepnterrier]
HowDidThisHappen Offline
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Been gone for a while and just saw this so thought I'd add:
At 11 months, Max got spooked while on a walk and turned to investigate the scary thing and his back end hit me in the back of the knee just as I started to take a step - ended up with a broken arm and major street cred with the pack of 5 year old munchkins we met on the way back home - my elbow had clipped a rock so it was bleeding and they were totally impressed that I was bleeding and not screaming for my mom. OK, yes, I was screaming for her in my head.

At 20 mo: My dad doesn't have a fenced yard so Max is on a zip line from one end of the yard to another since he wanders if not watched. Max is usually pretty good about the line if you go out to see him but one day he got a case of the zoomies while on the line and close-lined me when I was turning to see where he was. I went flying and landed flat on my back. I evidently hit hard since is shattered the plastic claw clip in my hair and knocked the wind out of me. I thought Max was upset about the fall but I landed on his ball and he couldn't get it.

Last spring (he's now 2 1//2), he met a real pretty and friendly greyhound. Max is a licker when he smells something new and interesting. SHE did NOT appreciate the fact he was getting too friendly and licking what she considered personal space and after a growl which he ignored, she snapped at him (perfectly acceptable IMO - NO means NO). Max jumped back with only a clipped ear and his elbow slammed into my shin. Words not permitted in a family setting did escape but no broken skin, just a HUGH bruise. I was at the tail end of my winter dose of aspirin so the bruise formed quickly. 2 weeks later, I was in the hospital with cellulitus getting massive quantities of antibiotics.

The consensus at work is that the dog is trying to kill me.

Max - GSD 10/5/10

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#300282 - 11/22/13 03:34 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: HowDidThisHappen]
Michelle Offline

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Well lets see, Kitana has caused me to get bite when her and Raz the shepherd mix I had to get rid of attacked Casper the Husky mix my mom had. I got bite by him when my hand got too close to his mouth trying to get them off of him, he did not realize it was me that he bite, he just clamped on whatever was closest at the time. It swelled up and was black and blue for about a week or so, I told everybody that ask that I injuried it on the farm, did not want to tell them it was a dog bite.
Then she close-lined me once cause the neighbor threw her ball and I was in the way, lifted me right out of my slippers, luckly I landed back on my feet minus the shoes.
Other then that I am pretty lucky, my mom is the one that always gets hurt by the dogs, I am the one that gets hurt by the horses. I have been bucked, kicked, bite and stepped on several times when we was training them, now not so much which is good cause I do not bounce like I use to LOL.

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#328834 - 01/27/15 08:56 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Michelle]
sistercoyote Offline
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This thread makes me so happy! My friends all thought I was a nut when I came to work all torn up.

This is the best one so far: I stuck out a hand to stop her from running into me during a recall. Fat lot of good that did me!

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#328839 - 01/27/15 09:29 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: sistercoyote]
Selzer Offline

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Yesterday, I was bending over filling Heidi's dish and she suddenly raised her head smacking my lower jaw, giving me an instant headache, and hurting all my lower teeth. Bad girl! Actually, I should've been more careful, ya know, protect yourself at all times, constant vigilance!

German shepherd heads are like concrete blocks. My dogs will never hurt me on purpose, but they will kill me by accident.
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#328844 - 01/27/15 10:31 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Selzer]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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sistercoyote OUCH

Selzer thouse head coming up and in contact with our head or face Hurt.
Val da Tiger

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