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#297464 - 10/19/13 12:23 PM Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours.
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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We are GSD owners and we all know how strong and quick these guys can be. So from time to time our dog(s) do something that results in an injury to us. Share your story. It doesn't have to be GSD's any breed.

I can't remember exactly when it happened, I was leaning forward to put collar on or something and sweet DeeDee popped up and hit me in the face with her head and some how I bit through my lip. Painful, bled A TON and didn't heal up all that fast.
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#297473 - 10/19/13 03:47 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
Braverhund Offline
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Wheee! What a great topic Val, I finally get to be an expert on something! rofl And yikes, that must have really hurt badly, to bite through your own lip! shocked


1. Has gleefully knocked one of my front teeth loose, when he brought his head up forcefully as I brought my head down.

2. Wrinkle in my left retina, permanent, Grimm's puppy exuberance while being groomed in a field.

3. Concussion in Germany when Grimm dragged me down a street into a lamp pole when he saw another dog.

4. Chips of broken cartilage and bone in R knee when Grimm yanked me happily over a small cliff when we lived in the mountains.

5. Bone out of place in spine, likely due to "Hock-Downs." This is when Grimm blasted right through my knees from behind to chase a pinecone someone kicked for him, flipping me to fly then land HARD, flat on my back. (Grimm gets IN THE ZONE when someone has a ball.... VERY hard to get people to understand that they should NOT play ball with Grimm near where other people are standing/sitting)

All of Grimm's issues are merely sins of enthusiasm, but his intensity, power, and lack of awareness when focused on play or a dog, means his enthusiasm becomes dangerous.
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#297475 - 10/19/13 04:07 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Braverhund]
Selzer Offline

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How timely.

My right knee, my poor unhappy knee was wrenched while sleeping on the day after Karma was born, January 30. Two weeks ago, I finally realized that I could go up and DOWN (much worse), with one foot on each step. Yay!

Last saturday in class Karma whipped around to look at something behind her and crashed her back end into my right knee. A stream of minor explicatives escaped as I avoided going down. And all week it has been rather yucky.

Today, in class once again, the little bitch swung into it again, and I'm sorry, but I said, "JESUSCHRISTDOGMYKNEE!" She only weighs 49 pounds. My older girls have 30 pounds on her, and they aren't pounding my knees at every opportunity.

She's lucky I like her.

Some of the others have done damage as well:

Whitney was jumping up onto a dog shelter as I was reaching down for her ball, and we connected forehead to forehead. My legs went rubbery and my stomach was sick. I did not go down. Whitney did not eat for two days.

Milla did something similar, and her eyeballs went all red and bloodshot. I took her to the vet and explained what happened, and the vet was more concerned with me than her, she said she only sees dogs in auto accidents like that.

I put my hand in between Arwen and Rushie, and got what I deserved, stitches, ER, and a nice little scar. I removed the bloody stump and went to my SUV, pointed it at them and drove right up to them. It startled them enough for them to stop, and I whipped out of the car. Arwen ducked beneath, and I lifted all eighty pounds of Rushie into a crate in the back before he realized what happened. Then Arwen loaded up and I took them over to Dad's and had him help me check them over before getting them home and heading off to the ER.

I shoved my leg out between Arwen and Jazzy after they decided they no longer liked co-habitating. I have a good scar on my calf from that, and that was about 10 years ago. It took a year to heal.

I have a couple of scars on a few fingers from my first GSD.

All in all though, I think I have been pretty fortunate with injuries. I do wish that knee would heal already though, and I wouldn't keep leaving it in Harm's way.
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#297476 - 10/19/13 04:24 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Selzer]
Good_Karma Offline
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I've bumped heads, been plowed into and knocked down, and pulled over but all without injury. The most painful thing I have ever had happen was from me holding a stick for Niko to chew on and he chomped my finger. It crushed the fingernail, hurt like a son of a gun, and bled copiously.

Patti, I think you win the prize though! That is an impressive list wow

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#297486 - 10/19/13 06:05 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Good_Karma]
PaddyD Offline
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Lumps on my head from head bumps.
Swollen lip from head bump.
Face plant because she stopped dead in front of me while jogging.
Stitches in my hand from her landshark days. (tough time coming
up with a story so I couldn't say 'my dog did it')
She's worth it.
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#297487 - 10/19/13 06:16 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: PaddyD]
DancingCavy Offline

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I've been pretty fortunate with Risa. Even so, I have not gotten away unscathed!

The first injury she caused was a sprained left shoulder. She was playing on a long line with her corgi friend and she hit the end of it at full speed. In my infinite wisdom, I had the loop of the leash around my wrist which made it so I couldn't let go. My shoulder went "pop." Not fun. There is no easy way to rest an injury like that but, thankfully, it was only a minor sprain!

She also gave me a nice set of bruises on the hand when I went to throw her frisbee. Ris jumped up right as I was tossing it and my hand collided with her mouth. Ouch!

And her most recent one took place about a month ago when we were laying in bed on a Sunday morning. I was petting her and she was happy and excited. She swatted me with her paw and caught me in the eye. Minor corneal abrasion. Had to take antibiotic drops to prevent an infection. . .and I'm not good at taking drops!!

Over 7 years. . .that's not tooooo bad. smile
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#297499 - 10/19/13 08:23 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: DancingCavy]
Wolfie Offline

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Yukon has been pretty good to me. With him it's mostly missing his toy and biting my arm instead or a busted lip.

Many of the more painful injuries come from past dogs.

A fractured ankle when my Golden decided to weave between my legs while going down stairs. My leg went one way, ankle the other. That left me limping for 2 weeks.

I have two dime sized scars on my palm when my Golden ran full speed to meet her beloved boyfriend. She got to the end of the 26ft flexi lead and I went down hard onto the cement parking lot. I think it was then that I realized flexi leads are crap.

I also now have a deviated septum thanks to all the head on collisions I've been in with various dogs.
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#297504 - 10/19/13 08:46 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Wolfie]
MaxaLisa Offline

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I think I've blocked all the injuries from Max out of my memory! I will say that he contributed quite a bit to my chiropractor's house payment wink
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#297510 - 10/19/13 09:34 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: MaxaLisa]
Kayos Offline

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What a great topic!

Let's see.......

Lucky never injured me. Good girl! smile

Wolf - I threw his ball under an evergreen tree and he could not find it. He was not real bright. So I crawled under the tree and got it. He dove in too and wacked me in the head. I saw stars - really. Ouch!

Max - the list is long. I had not had him long, we were out walking and two dogs came after us, one from each side of the street. He spun to see them both and as he crossed in front of me I fell over his leash. I broke my nose, banged my head on the street, broke my glasses and my knees oh my knees! I sustained handle bucket tears on my meniscus. One day may need surgery but so far so good. I was bruised from me thighs to my ankles for 6 weeks. Dislocated hubby's shoulder twice. Drug me down a hill after a cat. It was a shale hill. I still have some embedded in my leg. Kayos did help him.

Kayos - aside from the cat on the hill, nothing else.

Havoc - I think have permanent divots on my arms from agility and him grabbing me.

Mayhem - well, she broke my glasses last night. My fault, I was on the floor rough housing with her and she knocked me in the head. I ma wearing my spares and not doing very well with them I am afraid.

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#297518 - 10/19/13 10:15 PM Re: Injuries as the result of your dog, share yours. [Re: Kayos]
middleofnowhere Offline
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I've been knocked down a time or two -- my first dog would judge one's speed while walking very acurately -- just best not to alter your speed with him because he wouldn't recompute, but hit the back of the calves a glancing blow, knocking the human target on his or her keester.

The funniest one was when I released the late Barker the Younger from a heel excercise, began running and called her to me. She came, (she was a tank!), I tripped over her, got a knot on my forehead and an increible black eye, a lump or two on my torso and some on my legs. Only a few people at work asked what had happened or made any remark about it at all. That was the funniest part.

I did something stupid and was bit by accident (I wasn't the target - I got in the way).

The youngster threatened to take out my knees & has managed to screw them up by pushing backward. But all in all not nearly as impressive as these stories!

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