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#300373 - 11/23/13 05:33 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Braverhund]
Good_Karma Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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hugging No helpful advice, just my sympathy. frown

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#300397 - 11/23/13 09:58 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Good_Karma]
Wolfie Offline

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I too don't have any helpful advice but wanted to give Miss Molly Moo some comfort and support.hugging Poor girl.
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#300403 - 11/24/13 01:13 AM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Wolfie]
bianca Offline
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Thank you all so very, very much. Sarah thank you for such a detailed reply and Val I hope talking about DeeDee hasn't upset you too much hugging

Today in the morning it started raining (not heavy) and Molly started flipping out again frown

I am going to email my vet soon and ask where to go from here. I wonder (after reading the links Sarah provided) if she needs to go back on Prozac and then something else (not Xanax) when the thunder hits?

I will update when I hear back. Thanks again so very much hugging
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#300435 - 11/24/13 12:35 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Braverhund]
middleofnowhere Offline
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My thunder phobic dog got relief from that and fire crackers when her hearing went. Before that I made the mistake of trying to sooth her - made her anxiety much worse. I discovered it was better to ignore it. I think that maybe Bill Campbell's jolly routine was suggested for things like this. As in here comes the big scarey noise (in this case thunderstorm) let's play and have a party! If I remember correctly, this is started with an artificial controlled thunder storm (or other bothersome noise) - and you gradually build up until the full-blown event is no longer a concern for the animal.

So - no I never medicated for it. Thundershirts were unheard of back then and I hadn't read Bill Campbell's website.

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#300438 - 11/24/13 12:46 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: middleofnowhere]
shepnterrier Offline

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Middle, Chippy tries distracting himself by bringing me a toy to play fetch when a storm begins. And we play. When the storm gets really bad, however, fear overcomes the brave little terrier, but not to the point of hyperventilating, fortunately. I curl around him, that helps him. Otherwise he would sit trembling underneath the sink. In a cat box, b/c one happens to be underneath the sink.

In general, I will comfort a friend with fear, human or animal. Suzanne Clothier commented on the topic. As always, she doesn't mince her words:
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#300456 - 11/24/13 03:20 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: shepnterrier]
MaxaLisa Offline

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When I first read these I was so relieved, because this is what I have always believed and acted upon.

It really is not whether to comfort them or not, but how you do it. Indy had very mild fears. I did not know how to properly address max's fears, they were deep and strange, luckily not to noises though.

Now having a dog with true fear, it's a whole new ballgame. During fireworks I have pre-emptively given her 2-3mg of melatonin (she is 20 lbs) and he has done well. There is a thread around here somewhere that talks about melatonin dosing - some of the recommendations are very high. I have used the same dose in all of my dogs, which is a bit funny, but the smallest is the worst in terms of fear.

Indy became more fearlful of fireworks as she started losing her hearing I think. Then he suddenly got better, but I then realized that he had lost a lot of hearing. When she started losing her hearing, she also started barking when the alrm clock went off (I really miss that when I'm trying wake up still!). So it's possible that changes in their hearing make them more wary in different ways. That is only from a sample of 1!
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#300468 - 11/24/13 06:16 PM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: MaxaLisa]
Shepherds Offline

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Sorry Bianca that Miss Moo is upping the anti with storms and given the weather we have had of late, doesn't look like this week is going to be much better frown

From a holistic perspective I can suggest Barbara Fugere in Sydney (holistic vet who does phone consults)...she may have some suggestions....

And it's you think it's the noise or change in atmosphere or both? How are you and how do you react when storms start approaching? And I agree it's easier and far more effective if you can get any meds in well before the thunder arrives.

Levi is now pretty much deaf...didn't use to give a toss about storms, (even when Kobe was freaking out about was like what's your problem) but as hearing has altered, he now gets quite concerned about them.

I hope you find a solution soon....and I hope the weather improves!!!!

Big hugs to Miss Moo hugging
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#300499 - 11/25/13 02:56 AM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Shepherds]
bianca Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Thank you all so much for the ideas/links and feedback. I haven't heard back from the vet yet.

I have tried Melatonin, I first bought the wrong kind and then ordered some from over there and it made no difference either. I don't fret over her, I talk normally but do end up kind of squeezing her when she is beside herself. I play music really loudly but nothing seems to help frown She also will not eat even really yummy treats like salami for an example.

Touch wood, the weather is better now and for the next few days. She didn't used to be like this, I think she was between 1 1/2 - 2 years when she started this (It was before I got Cooper).

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#300501 - 11/25/13 06:42 AM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: bianca]
Qyn Offline

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I had a client's dog when I was a groomer that was thunder phobic and it was only certain kinds of music that worked with her and this one worked and it wasn't even played loud yet she would stay calm while it was on. When thunder was forecast and I was available I would let her stay with this playing and it gave the owners peace of mind as she had escaped many times and hurt herself (she lost an eye from running into something in a panic - they do not even know how it happened).

I hope you find something that will work for Molly this has been going on for a very long time.

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#300564 - 11/26/13 03:15 AM Re: Severe storm phobia [Re: Qyn]
bianca Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Oh thank you Alison hugging I will download that, heck I will try anything. On the weekend I even tried Country music! (no offence to anyone who likes that). I used to play 'Through a Dogs Ear' but again, no change.

This afternoon the man across the road fired his Harley up (a regular occurance) and she was shaking like a leaf. I was outside so I asked Mum and Dad to keep an eye on her but not fuss. She came right after about an hour.

I haven't heard back from the vet so I called and he is away until Friday. I don't wish to explain her history to the locum vet so will wait until Friday to try and sort this out once and for all.
Molly Moo (aka The Piranha, 4 legged mouth) GSD (31/10/09)
Cooper GSD (The Gremlin) 19/10/11
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