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#518 - 02/03/10 11:48 PM WiscTiger Welcomes you.
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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First I wanted to say Welcome to the Board. welcome

I am self employed. I am married no children but we have fur kids.

German Shepherds: Cheyenne, DeeDee, Lakota (all LC) and Raya is West German Showlines.

Cats: FuzzyButt who was a feral kitten I rescued, got her spayed and tried to find her a home. Some of the GSD's don't like cats at all so she started her life in my insulated garage. Took her to a Cat Rescue group, but she didn't do well. So momma went and got her and brought her home. She now has the heated/AC basement to run and play in. Loves to lay in the sunshine coming in the windows. I have a feral group outside, her momma who I haven't been able to trap, she has been in the trap before but I had no low cost options for S/N. Her name is Tomi (black & white Tuxedo) she was here for 2 years before she had FuzzyButt (LC grey/black with tiger stripes). She had another litter this summer and they are all tom cats; Hulk (grey and white), Tippy (black with a white tip on the tail) and Jet (all black). My mission this spring to to trap and get some/all of the S/N.

welcome greet

I will get pictures up in the proper threads.

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Val da Tiger

Fuzzybutt the cat.
Neilla the Big White puppy.

RIP Cheyenne - AKA: Digger, CheyChey Girl, Cheyenne Large and In charge. 2/16/02 - 2/27/16
RIP Raya - AKA: Raz-a, Ray a Sunshine, RayBestos, the little one, Silly Girl. 9/21/05 - 6/27/14
RIP Lakota - AKA: Bubba, Big Boy, BooBoo (the other part of the Binky and BooBoo team). 1/19/03-9/19/2011
RIP DeeDee - AKA: DD Poo, Little Bit, Binky (part of the Binky and Booboo team) 6/23/02-6/20/11

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#171749 - 08/05/11 08:09 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
angels_momma Offline

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thank you for the warm welcome! smile and i bet you have a handful with those four, haha. Angel isn't showline, or registered.wish he was though. he's simply my best friend, and a brother to my daughter, my daughter is 4 months old and he loves her very much. very gentle with her. i recently moved to youngstown, which has a ban on apbt's. so unfortunately, against my own will i had to adopt my last dog kyzer out to a family member, those of who he's known his whole life. it killed me, and i didn't quit crying until i seen angels lil polar bear lookin face. i was looking to adopt, and searching threw petfinder, classified adds for found neglected puppies, but they were few and far between when it came to what breed or tempermant i was looking for. wanted one to grow up with my daughter. and then i found angel, it was in the middle of december, he was practically newborn, and the picture of him was outside in a kennel piled with snow. so i did some reading up, said they were family oriented dogs, very smart, and protective, which was a great match, so we went and took a look at him, he was a result from a BYB, and he was the last one, mother was a white, father was a sable. he was filthy i mean FILTHY, smelled horrible like feces. the guy wanted 40 bucks. so we took him home and it's been awesome with him ever since, picked up on house training so quick, i think it took two weeks tops. i will never regret finding him, aside from the situation he was in that i regret even though i had no control over that. he deserved better so i took on that responsibility. and that is his story! smile

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#186508 - 10/07/11 11:07 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: angels_momma]
texaspeg49 Offline
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BUT !!!! you did find him and now he is loved and because of you he will never have those memories.

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#205712 - 01/15/12 08:13 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: texaspeg49]
herrywatson1 Offline
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This site is geared for the pure chicken and beef lover out there. WE look at exploring the light and heavy recipes of chicken and beef and create a few our selves. Join us !
Beef recipes

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#255177 - 10/06/12 09:55 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: herrywatson1]
Lynn Offline
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#307670 - 02/06/14 08:30 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Lynn]
Neptungrll Offline
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So cool! I have two cats that I have had for 8 years. We just go Mo, 12 week GSD. I am hoping the cats come out of hiding soon!

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#310901 - 03/15/14 05:05 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Neptungrll]
Edie Offline
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Hi everyone I am from Upstate NY.. I have a 1 yr old female shepherd.. She is afraid of everything..

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#310906 - 03/15/14 05:16 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Edie]
Wolfie Offline

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Welcome to GS Home Edie.greet
Anita & 10yr old Yukon

R.I.P Amber & Cisco:
"Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart's a memory
And there you'll always be."

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#312125 - 03/29/14 01:05 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
ljf Offline
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Thank You and Hello to All:

I have a 6 year old GSD, two 9 year old Yorkie s and a true "Heinz 57" that is a beagle in disguise along with a 17 year old cat. All my animals are rescues or emergency adoptions. This past year we lost our 16 year old lab and a older cat. My GSD was adopted last year and the "57" this year. All have integrated well and the cat remains Alpha. My children are grown and we enjoy outdoor activities.

I am looking forward to getting ideas and support for the GSD. We have come a long way in a year but he needs his job description defined when out walking. Training classes will start next week.

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#312138 - 03/29/14 04:18 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: ljf]
MaxaLisa Offline

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welcome I'm so sorry about your recent losses rip Lots of forums for you to post in....we love pictures smile
MaxaL (aka LisaT)

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