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#312431 - 04/02/14 01:56 PM Is she too fat?
PaddyD Offline
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Abby is up to 80 pounds. Seems heavy because her mother was 65.
But she doesn't look fat to me.

Abby - GSD - 7/4/2009

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#312434 - 04/02/14 03:27 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: PaddyD]
anniej Offline

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The rule of thumb is that you should be able to feel the ribs easily - she looks very healthy to me.

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#312437 - 04/02/14 04:41 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: anniej]
BasiaBear Offline

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Honestly, I think she looks a bit fat. A good side view of her while standing would help (sitting probably makes it look worse than it is). Fist picture looks okay, but then the second one looks like she doesn't have much of a waste, it's there- but just a hint.

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#312439 - 04/02/14 05:19 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: BasiaBear]
Selzer Offline

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Babs is at 79 today.

Just under two she was a 58 pound stick of dynamite and you could easily see her ribs.

For a while she looked thin at 62 pounds.

Then for a few years she looked awesome at 68 pounds.

Recently though, she has put on a few. The vet says she looks awesome. I think she is a little heavy.

I do not feed her as much as any of the others. I think Babs could lose about 5-7 pounds.

Yours looks pretty good, but a standing side view would be helpful. I guess you have to give her a feel, and then consider her age and energy level and see if she is having trouble with anything that she used to do, like jumping into the car. If she is, definitely cut back a bit and encourage a little more action.

If not, if her energy level is good, and she is acting as she ever did, then maybe she is just a good sized bitch.

Edited by Selzer (04/02/14 05:20 PM)
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#312442 - 04/02/14 05:25 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: Selzer]
Kayos Offline

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She does not look bad but I think she is a tick pudgy.

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#312449 - 04/02/14 06:06 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: Kayos]
Wolfie Offline

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She doesn't look too bad. Probably could lose a few pounds.

Yukon is 102Ibs (yeah, oversize is right) and right now there are times he looks fat, but that's because he hasn't blown his winter coat yet. He always gets a think coat in his waist area.
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#312459 - 04/02/14 07:00 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: Wolfie]
DancingCavy Offline

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Not overly so. But I like to keep a dog really lean. She could stand to lose a bit but it wouldn't hurt if she didn't.
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#312464 - 04/02/14 08:01 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: DancingCavy]
GSDGunner Offline

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Hi Paddy!! greet Nice to see you again. grin
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#312465 - 04/02/14 08:19 PM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: GSDGunner]
PaddyD Offline
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Originally Posted By: GSDGunner
Hi Paddy!! greet Nice to see you again. grin

Great to see you too! Liked Gunner's pics.

Abby's winter coat makes her look bigger but maybe she could lose
a couple of pounds too.
Thanks to all input.
Abby - GSD - 7/4/2009

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#312499 - 04/03/14 03:21 AM Re: Is she too fat? [Re: PaddyD]
bianca Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I think she is lovely but maybe could loose a tiny little bit. Does she have a nice tummy tuck? Molly is little 29kgs/63#. She has a waist but not as much as I think she should but she has a great tummy tuck and her ribs are easily felt.
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