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#31319 - 04/12/10 03:56 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: matsired]
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Oh Donna, I'm so sorry to hear about Shermie's most recent problems. I sincerely hope he pulls through this somehow but if he doesn't I know you will take the absolute best care of him possible. Big hugs to you and your pack!

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#31322 - 04/12/10 03:58 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: matsired]
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#31325 - 04/12/10 04:00 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: matsired]
georgiapeachGSD Offline

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i am sorry to read all his health problems. It makes me sad. Really should help wake some people up to know that cute fuzzy puppies get old eventually and those old dogs will need some extra help and love...lots of strength for his continued life with you. ((hugs))
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#31327 - 04/12/10 04:03 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: matsired]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Well Shoot. Donna you are right not the update I wanted on Shermie Bear, but no matter what is going on or how long he has he will always have you to be thankful for.

This picture speaks Volumes for the love that you have for each other.

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#31343 - 04/12/10 04:47 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
matsired Offline

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I'm a little broken up about all this but, young or old, there are going to be good times and hard times.

When I initially adopted Sherm, sight unseen, I expected a dog who would need hospice care. So we've been blessed, truly.

Should he have permanent loss of function, on any level, as long as he is comfortable and happy, we will push on.

I prayed I would not have to make any on-the-spot decisions at Angel Memorial the other day. He was shaking so much from the pain that I initially wondered if I might be missing something and maybe he was going into shock. Being able to take him home was pure joy and relief.

What we have now is more time. Priceless.


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#31358 - 04/12/10 05:48 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: matsired]
Charlotte Offline

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Shermie bear wub

Happy for an update but sad to hear is not doing great. frown


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#31367 - 04/12/10 06:01 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: Charlotte]
PositiveDog Offline
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Aw, Sherm. You are such a gallant old soul. hugging I love to see your pictures. Feel better, baby boy.

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#31422 - 04/12/10 09:45 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: PositiveDog]
myamom Offline

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Awww...sorry to hear what you and Shermie are going through. I know you will keep him happy and you always have...he's in great hands and very loved...and has been given the best mom ever. Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers for much health, comfort and happiness.

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#31430 - 04/12/10 09:59 PM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: myamom]
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Shermie wub is truly a miracle dog. (the only dog to instantly give Grimm what he needed to calm and settle when meeting another dog) Sherman is my hero! wub Sherm is a miracle dog for other reasons, too- he is wise, understanding, patient, and so in love with his Mom. In his eyes you can read that he knows that he has the best life possible for a senior dog in need of loving care. Donna pulls out all the stops for wonderful Sherman, and he returns her love with all of his great heart.

May this current setback be something that will resolve, settle down with the prednisone and house rest. Donna, positive healing energy flowing out to Shermie now. Wishing for him to rally and improve and gradually begin to see return of function. Such a loved dog, soulful eyes, golden-buttered-toasty coat, graceful long legs...can I say that I'm in love?

We love you, Shermie Bear. Positive healing energy is on the way! Wishing you strength, Donna! hugging
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#31577 - 04/13/10 11:28 AM Re: Commerce, GA Senior large male [Re: Braverhund]
Kris Offline

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I too hope this is just a small setback. He's a tough 'ole guy and I won't be a bit surprised if he rallies. The pictures are priceless as is this very special boy. Gosh I've missed your pictures - hope you can keep posting more of our dear Shermie Bear!

Donna, I have my Chewbacca shirt on today. It's so faded you can hardly tell what the picture is, but I know - and that's all that matters...
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