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#325343 - 11/08/14 12:54 PM Dante's Back Issues
Barb E Offline

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I think Dante may have this.

In a nutshell:
Tuesday - Dante jumped off my bed and screamed, holding up his right hind. He cried and cried and then suddenly stopped and trotted out of the bedroom and even "danced" for his dinner.

Wednesday - Dante would from time to time scream or cry but though moving a little odd wasn't holding up that leg. I took him to the vet where they did x-rays of knees, hips and spine. X-rays good, some Spondylosis, Determined it was a right knee slight tear.

Thursday - no crying no screaming

Friday - Day was good and then in the evening he went outside and as he went down the second step started to scream (loud enough the neighbor popped his head over the fence and asked if everything was ok). I simply talked to him and stroked his side...he stopped screaming and walked out in the yard and pee'd.

The ONLY time he holds that leg up is when he screams/cries. This morning he was out trotting through the yard, not a limp in sight, though as an almost 11 year old dog he doesn't move as fluidly as Kaos does!

Anyway, a few people on FB have suggested this does NOT sound like knee but like Cauda Equina and I have to agree.

For those of you that have faced this I have a couple of questions:

How did you get a definitive diagnosis?
What medications did you use?

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#325344 - 11/08/14 01:00 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: Barb E]
SeanRescueMom Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Barb, I'm so sorry to hear the news about Dante. Sean had similar symptoms with arthritis but no experience here with Cauda. Thinking of both of you and sending lots of hugs. grouphug
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#325345 - 11/08/14 01:02 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: SeanRescueMom]
Barb E Offline

Registered: 02/11/10
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Thank you, this is hard.

He's fine one moment and crying the next though he may go all day without crying

I just need to figure out what I should do next about getting a Dx and then I can go from there.
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#325355 - 11/08/14 03:53 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: Barb E]
PositiveDog Offline
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Skye has done this just a couple of times. She has terrible arthritis in her spine and hips.

One time she stepped off her dog bed (maybe 3-4 inches) screamed, fell and kept screaming while drawing one of her back legs up. Scared me so bad.

Briefly once while going down steps and a couple of times just walking, stumbled and cried.

All those were very brief, except the first one.

I've never heard of Cauda Equina, so no help there, but now I'm going to look it up. I just wanted to let you know that Skye, also 11, is having similar problems. She has greatly slowed down the past six months.

It's sad and scary. frown

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#325356 - 11/08/14 04:00 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: PositiveDog]
MaxaLisa Offline

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Imaging is very deceptive when it comes to many spine issues, there are many things they cannot see, and some things they can see, but won't have a way to treat it.

But there can be a whole lot of different things wrong with the spine that can cause this stuff. I like to start with chiropractic evaluation first. Acupuncture, adequan, etc. my last go-to would be the shot described in Dr. Stack's article, because that is for a very particular spinal condition, and much of the time, the issue is more general.

I hope that you can find him relief soon!
MaxaL (aka LisaT)

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#325369 - 11/08/14 09:53 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: MaxaLisa]
zyp Offline
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I know more about spinal problems in humans (me) than dogs, but if they react similarly, look up nerve paths.

good luck!

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#325375 - 11/08/14 10:53 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: zyp]
Tara Offline

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Was a neuro exam done?

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#325378 - 11/08/14 11:30 PM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: Tara]
Barb E Offline

Registered: 02/11/10
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Loc: Portland, Oregon
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Thank you all.

I've decided I will call the vet tomorrow and ask for a referral to the neurologist.
I'll also go get a ramp tomorrow so I don't have to lift him in (He can't even put his front paws up).

I just took him out to potty, he's cried a few times this evening, most of the time right after getting up.

He knuckled on his right hind while we were outside frown
Dante - March 8, 2004 - May 06, 2017
Kaos von Wolfstraum - Oct 31, 2011

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#325384 - 11/09/14 06:53 AM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: Barb E]
Shepherds Offline

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Hi Barb, very sorry to read this about Dante.

Am just back from a weekend course, so will make a long story very short, but many many moons ago, vet suspected Levi had cauda equina. A trip to the mainland to see a specialist, finally (via a myelogram which knowing what I know now, would never ever repeat again) diagnosed a prolapsed disc causing all his issues.

So as the others have said, many things can cause Dantes symptoms, so I think a visit with a specialist is the first place to start.

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#325393 - 11/09/14 10:34 AM Re: Cauda Equina-Help!! [Re: Shepherds]
middleofnowhere Offline
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When one of my dogs recently showed signs of back problems, I hunted up a chiro/accupuncture vet. We have one that comes out to even the smaller towns in central Oregon and she's quite good. After xrays (vets from AR would most likely have watched the dog & figured what was going on that way and maybe ordered xrays)we concluded what the issue was and moved on to treatment. It consisted of a series of lazer treatments and herbal remedies. While it wasn't an 100% fix, she's more comfortable and very very active. (she also gets occassional chiro adjustments and maybe a lazer treatment if she starts showing discomfort.)
Hope you find a good fix for Dante. My dog's symptoms showed up very quickly with a yelp at a certain leap and twist.
In the meantime - let's just wait for the vet to diagnose the issue rather than declaring some frightening term to worry yourself with. At any rate, I imagine you will be at the vet in a few hours. Best of luck with the visit and wishes for a speedy recovery. (and now I understand why you need the ramp ASAP.)

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