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#315171 - 05/10/14 01:30 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: MaxaLisa]
Raghav Raaz Offline
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HI i,m new member

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#315226 - 05/11/14 01:55 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Raghav Raaz]
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Do tell us a bit about yourself - dogs or any other pets you own. smile
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#315863 - 05/21/14 05:45 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Wolfie]
avie Offline
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Hello, everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome.

I discovered this site while looking for information on treibel ball herding.

Though I have had dogs throughout my life, I'm a first time parent to a GSD. I adopted, Luna, an intact 10 mo. old AKC WGSD. I have had her now for 2 mos. Her previous owner could no longer care for her needs due to her declining health.

Luna came into my life at the right time - I was finally ready to invest in a new relationship after a year since we lost our beagle, Rikki suddenly. Luna joined a house full of cats all adopted/rescued: Roxy (11 yo CFC Ragdoll), Riley (11 yo CFC Tonkinese), Belle (9 yo stray calico), Morris (1.5 yo stray Manx-Orange Tabby) and Sot (11 mo grey tabby).

I enjoy training my dog. In the 2 mos. that Luna have been with us she has since learned to walk on the treadmill, be recalled w/ a whistle, play fetch and simple nose work games/puzzles, and walk off-leash. I wish I can train my cats the same.

I'm looking forward to learn from others GSD fur-parents. My dream is to eventually be able to join competition, but for now I am taking my time to discover Luna's talents after all she just turned 10 mos.

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#325495 - 11/10/14 11:44 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: avie]
JulieM Offline
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Hello, and thanks for letting me join the forum
My husband and I adopted a GSD December 2013 from ProjectRescue in Chicago ( great group!). Our only history on him is that he was being trained for protection and search, then he had an injury to his paw and wasn't considered worth the money to fix. Project Rescue pulled him from the shelter, there was nothing found wrong with his paw, but he has severe HD in one hip, moderate in the other. So, rescue surmised that he was dumped because of his hips. He was 10 months old.
I've had and raised dogs (and all sorts of other critters) all my life, but never lived with a GSD. This dog is exceptional, as it seems all GSDs are! I have been leaning on people in forums to help with his dog aggressive stuff, his Velcro stuff, his training needs and all the good stuff that comes along with this wonderful, smart guy.
I appreciate the help and advice, and the fact that we are not the only ones who are not allowed to close the bathroom door.
We raised Siberian Huskies previously, and I've had everything from snapping turtles to roosters to calves, goats and assortment of farm dogs, some inside dogs, a previous rescue (Afghan Hound), and probably some pet bugs. Rudy the Rescue is the most enjoyable interactive puzzle creature I've had!

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#325497 - 11/10/14 11:52 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: JulieM]
MaxaLisa Offline

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welcome Definitely post some pics in the picture forum!
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#325558 - 11/11/14 09:17 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: JulieM]
rescueme Offline
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Hi, welcome to the forum this is a great place to share knowledge and get the best info on raising our pups! I, like you have had dogs all my life but just rescued my first GSD!

[content deleted by Mod]

Best of luck with your new bow and God bless you for rescuing!

Edited by MaxaLisa (11/11/14 09:48 PM)
Edit Reason: forum rules, no promotion of other GSD sites, sorry!

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#335534 - 09/23/15 02:10 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: rescueme]
TASHA15 Offline
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Hello! I'm new here to! My name is coleen & I'm getting my GSD in bout 7 weeks! A girL. Tasha will be her name. She will be my only dog, but will be sharing a home with 2 male African Grey parrots & a male parrolet! Yes,the greys both talk! I'm a housewife now, so I figured I now have the time to devote to a GSD. I'm so excited, I cannot wait to bring her home!

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#335535 - 09/23/15 02:58 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: TASHA15]
Kayos Offline

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Welcome to you!!

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#336103 - 10/22/15 12:47 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Kayos]
Marisol Offline
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Hello all my name is Marisol and my fur baby is named Rocky, he will be 3 years old in December. I am new to the forum. I've never belonged to any forums before so this is my first one!

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#336116 - 10/22/15 05:02 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Marisol]
middleofnowhere Offline
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Hi Marisol. Welcome to the forum.

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