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#336779 - 11/11/15 05:40 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
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crossedfingers Thinking of you guys and sending well wishes! I know it's hard not to, but don't beat yourself up too much hug

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#336787 - 11/11/15 07:34 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: BasiaBear]
aubie Offline

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Thank you all so much. You have no idea what the support means.

I am happy to report good news. I picked him up and my vet is very optimistic. She thinks it will be a few weeks, and he may always have residual, but she is optimistic. She says him being so young is an asset at this point. I love my vet because she's a straight shooter, she won't hide the truth, so when she says she expects him to come in next week for vaccinations, I trust her. She said still no poo, but suggested .25 tsp miralax with pumpkin in his food twice a day. If no poo in 72 hours, to call.

We got him home, fed him the poo - inducing combo, he ate it all and got a nice big belly. We took him out and..... poop poop happyboogie

I almost cried over poop. He's on limited rest, which he's hating. Lots of chews and snuggles. He can get along pretty good in his squat. I gave him the Rescue drops as well. We discussed him coming back in Friday or Saturday for another k laser session.

I am beating myself up. I know I'm not supposed to, but I am. I almost left him out of the crate; I've never crated before, why the hell did I start now? Why did I wait until yesterday at lunch to buy his insurance, which therefore didn't make it go into effect at 12:01 am today when I meant to the day before?

At least I have him home, and can give him love and touch to aid in healing. I'm hoping he continues to improve. Again thank you all so much! He's a fighter!
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#336789 - 11/11/15 07:48 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: aubie]
Wolfie Offline

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partyThrilled to hear Panzer is now home and pooping.

Wonderful news!!! groovy
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#336790 - 11/11/15 08:23 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: Wolfie]
Mary Jane Online   content
Carpal Tunnel

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Wow, isn't physiology just WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Step by step Tiffany, your brave boy must have internal bruising, so every single good outcome is a HUGE VICTORY!

thanks so very much for the good news,

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#336792 - 11/11/15 08:34 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: Mary Jane]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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I am so happy for you and Panzer. Of course he is a fighter, his name is Panzer.

I am sure he is much happier at home.
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#336794 - 11/11/15 09:08 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
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Yippee for poop poop poop
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#336795 - 11/11/15 09:26 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: aubie]
arycrest Offline

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Originally Posted By: aubie
... We got him home, fed him the poo - inducing combo, he ate it all and got a nice big belly. We took him out and..... poop poop happyboogie ...
I'm so happy for you and Panzer ... I just can't imagine the stress you were under until he pooped!!!
poop groovy poop party poop happyboogie poop
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#336797 - 11/11/15 10:30 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: arycrest]
middleofnowhere Offline
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Good for you and Panzer!!!

You were trying to do what was "right" for him. It just didnt go right. Stuff happens. It does. I think we've all (or at least many of us) had something that went terribly wrong and felt awful afterward. May you and Panzer both get better still.

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#336800 - 11/11/15 11:16 PM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: middleofnowhere]
BowWowMeow Offline
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So glad he pooped and is home with his family. I think you could help him heal too by holding your hand over the area a couple of times a day and concentrating on sending healing energy. hugging

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#336802 - 11/12/15 01:26 AM Re: puppy Panzer got stuck in his crate [Re: BowWowMeow]
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What wonderful news. smile
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