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#333553 - 07/02/15 01:38 PM I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :(
arycrest Offline

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I lost my dear Slider on April 4th of this year and his son Bruiser celebrated his 10 birthday on April 5th.

For a few months I thought Slider was drinking a lot of water (my 2 gallon water bowl was emptied every day), but it continued after he died. It took me a while to narrow down the water hog to Bruiser, Slider's 10 year old son.

After I determined which dog was the "H2O dipsomaniac" I immediately made an appointment with the vet and he had his senior blood work done around the 16th or 17th of June. Sadly, my vet said his blood work indicated that he had some type of cancer due to a high calcium count (can't recall the technical name).

On Monday, June 22, he had an ultrasound and was diagnosed with a dobule whammy of having two types of cancer!!! A perianal tumor/adenocarcimoa that extends along almost his entire rectum. This spread to his sub-lumbar L N's (2 regions) and the prognosis sucks ... he has only about 4 or 5 months to live. The vet didn't think surgery was an option, just keep him happy with palliative care.

Tuesday and Wednesday he had a Pamidtemode infusion which hopefully "blocked" the sluffing off of calcium which has been causing him to drink too much water and subsequently pee every two hours. Since they always pee a lot after iv's, I didn't count yesterday when he came home. I'm also not counting today ... BUT ... knock on wood ... so far he doesn't seem to be drinking as much and isn't having to pee every two hours, so hopefully this infusion is working to make him more comfortable.

This just isn't fair, he's so young for a senior to have such a deadly prognosis!!!

Opinions and recommendations are more than welcome regardless if you agree with my plans or not.

Faith, Ledgie & Scooby
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#333558 - 07/02/15 03:39 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: arycrest]
Woodreb Online   coffee
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I have no recommendations, but I'm sorry to hear this about Slider. Sending good thoughts for the both of you.

Caleb (aka Caleb-Moose)
Ciara(aka Ciara Belle, Black Devil)

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#333559 - 07/02/15 04:20 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: Woodreb]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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Gayle I don't have any recommendations. I think palliative care is what I would do. I personally am not sold on the cancer treatment for dogs. I have always believed more in quality of their life then the quantity of life.

Sending you guys some hugs.
Val da Tiger

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#333565 - 07/02/15 07:15 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
GraciesMommy Offline

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No recommendations Gayle just lots of hugs coming your way. xoxo
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#333573 - 07/02/15 09:11 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: arycrest]
PositiveDog Offline
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Damn. teary

I'm so sorry your beautiful boy has cancer. We have too many dogs with health problems right now, here on the forum.

I hope you and Bruiser have more good days than expected ahead of you.


With approval of my friends:

SamCat, 03/2011

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#333574 - 07/02/15 09:22 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: PositiveDog]
Mary Jane Offline
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I hate to read this but Bruiser will have more good days.

It's just too hard.

Mary Jane

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#333576 - 07/02/15 09:51 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: Mary Jane]
middleofnowhere Offline
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May your handsome boy have many more great times and be happy and pain free for many many months.

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#333577 - 07/02/15 10:18 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: arycrest]
Shilohsmom Online   content

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Oh Gayle, my heart is so hurting for you and your dear Bruiser. hugging I hope and pray that you both have lots of really good days together. hugging

Proud Mom to Eli and Kodiak
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#333608 - 07/03/15 01:17 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: Shilohsmom]
FurKids Offline

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Hi Gayle,

I'm so so sorry to hear this. Nissa (a young 8 years old) just had surgery about 6-8wks ago ago for an anal adenomacarcinoma but hers was below her rectum so surgery was recommended. I can understand why it's not in Bruiser's case. We started at home chemo drugs twice now and only lasted a few days because she was either vomiting or got diarrhea.

I got some great info from Lisa and others on the boards here. I put Nissa on some supplements that are showing great results in studies for helping with cancer. IP-6 is the one most recommended IP-6 with Insitol and the other is turmeric & pepper. I learned after Lisa mentioned it that pepper helps the turmeric do it's thing because there are absorption issues with using it straight out of the capsule. Even better is mixing it with something like coconut oil but I haven't gone that route yet because she's had some diarrhea issues on the chemo.

I give the IP-6 about an hour before meals with her hypothyroid meds in a ball of liversausage (I'd use 100% pumpkin but she won't always eat that) and then open and sprinkle the turmeric (one 500mg capsule) and pepper on her food. She's on a cooked diet right now because she can't have raw on chemo. You don't need much pepper and the kind that comes right out of the grinder is better than the pre-ground stuff. The IP-6 calls for 2 capsules but so far only using one, again because of diarrhea issues we are needing to find out what's causing it so I'm not upping that just yet but plan to once we get this all sorted out. We may find she's not be able to handle the chemo and then I will keep her on these supps. There are others but these are the most recommended ones is what I found.

So, you may be able to help him with these supps, they're all anti-inflammatory as well and since being on them Nissa is no longer limping on her shoulder which has some calcium kinda stuff in it I guess it's a bit like arthritis. The limp was getting real obvious and causing her to not be as active. If nothing else she's not in pain in her shoulder anymore smile They won't cure the cancer, but they may help him be more comfortable and give him some more quality time. They're not expensive nor difficult to dispense either.

My best to you and Bruiser. hugging
Deb • Nissa & Gracie
Forever in My Heart • Riley, Hannah, Damien, Katy, Crocket, Kayla, Gypsy, Toby and Cookie

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#333674 - 07/05/15 12:52 PM Re: I can't believe this is happening ... Bruiser :( [Re: FurKids]
MaxaLisa Offline

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Gail, I'm so very very sorry. I think I mentioned that there is more discussion in Furkids' post, but the other thing you might consider is whether you have a holistic vet in the area that knows chinese herbal medicine. A lot of those herbals can enhance quality of life and treat many of the symptoms that may pop up.

I hope that the infusion helps for a long time - I don't know anything about that stuff, I just want your boy to feel more comfortable.

We are here for you hugging
MaxaL (aka LisaT)

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