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#338432 - 01/17/16 04:46 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: middleofnowhere]
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welcome Charlene

I had a smaller dog (35 lbs) and a GSD (75 lbs) that I couldn't let play. It was a similar situation - GSD came to the home later than the smaller dog, and wanted to play. But he was too much for the smaller one, and for her protection, I had to watch them like a hawk.

Some of this will depend on how relentless the GSD is about playing with your Ellie. With my boy, I had to use the crate to give him a time out and leave her alone. In the early years, I couldn't let them play at all because he would take his big paw and smack her. Later, I would let them play short amounts in the house, but I would always have to step in and break it up because he got too excited. I would have to send him to his "spot" to settle down, and when he was younger, that spot was his crate.

So there is a lot of individual variation, depending on how your GSD Karlee interacts. First and foremost, you really do have to protect Ellie until you know. I know of a number of GSDs that work really well with smaller dogs and learn how to play appropriately, and hopefully that is what will happen here.
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#341455 - 08/08/16 01:26 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Our GSD named Raja is four year old. In my childhood we had GSD as well as Golden retriever. I am married with no children. I am Agricultural Scientist and my husband is medical doctor in government hospital. So Raja is our only child. Raja is doted upon my family as my mother, brother, sister when ever they visit us.
Raja is absolutely friendly and likes to meet people at home. He eats Pedigree dog food as well as home made food with eggs. Food has to be varied for him.
As a puppy and till one year of age Raja was absolutely fearless and did not fear even crackers. We used for go for walks even in rains. Now he avoids going out if it is raining or crackers are being burst.
Till he was one year of age, he was taken out for his chores five time a day. Gradually now for the last two years it has come to twice a day, morning and evening.
In recent few months we have noticed a change in him. He refuses to go out unless it becomes very urgent. He holds out for as much as 24 or even 36 hrs. I do not know how to account for this. We try to take him out for walk but unless urge to pee or defecate is very urgent he refuses to budge an inch. I do not know how to account for this.
Can any body please suggest any reason for this change of behaviour?.

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#341496 - 08/10/16 04:04 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: nandini]
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Could something outside have frightened him? Many dogs go through fear periods where things can scare them.

Is there a trainer there you could work with?

Welcome to you and Raja!

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#341530 - 08/12/16 10:06 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Kayos]
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One suggestion that I might make would be to not let your dog decide his behavior. I.E. what he will or will not eat. Unless he is ill I have never heard of a dog starving themselves. Some GSDs like food and eat more than others but all will eat if they get hungry.

Also, how can he refuse to go out when you have a leash on him? perhaps if you take him out on a leash you might be able to see why he doesn't want to go out? Were you leaving him out earlier? If so perhaps something or someone did scare him.

Are you saying that your dog doesn't even pee or poop for 36 hours? What did your vet say about that? Doesn't seem good. I would check with your vet quickly on it.

That has been going on for 2 years?

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#342245 - 10/22/16 10:14 AM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: Codmaster]
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#343500 - 02/17/17 10:13 PM Re: WiscTiger Welcomes you. [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Thanks for the welcome WiscTiger. We've had our new GSD pups (Bonnie and Clyde) for 2 weeks now. Loving every minute of them and their energy. My 81-year-old dad chuckled at me when I named them. I said, "hey what better way to make someone take a second or 2 to think when you are walking along with 2 full-grown shepherds than to say this is Bonnie and Clyde" hahahahaha. Honestly, after getting Bonnie, there was only one option for a male.....and it fits him.

We have 4 barn cats - Cali, Casper, Butters and Bruiser. They are p***ed to say the least. After we had to say goodbye to Max, our Rottweiler mix, the cats thought they were kings and queen. Now they are cussing us.

Bonnie and Clyde have discovered our chicken coop and run. They are not too sure of these dinosaur looking things that make noise. It's all good for the chickens - they are safe and secure and the dogs are leaving them alone. Funny to watch the pups try to figure them out though.

I am amazed at just how alert our pups are to everything. We are in the NE Georgia Mtns so planes are few and far between flying over our particular area. The dogs are so in tune with everything going on around us they actually stop and watch the planes!

I've been around Shepherds all my life but never owned one. Didn't feel we would be doing one justice working full time, living on a 1/3 acre lot in a subdivision and on the run with 3 kids. Now we are retired, husband retired in 2012 at the age of 50 from a Fire Department in the suburbs of Atlanta. I elected to retire in 2014, at the age of 44, from the same department and get out of the 'burbs. Max came with us and quickly decided he'd rather be roaming 4 fenced acres than cooped up in the house with us old folks. He was an awesome 'alarm' to let us know if anyone was coming to our driveway gate. But he also barked at the neighbors, cats, leaves blowing....etc etc and so on. He managed to scare off a 400+lb black bear once with his bark alone. Ran coyotes off too and was always proud to show us his actions.

I say all that to say Bonnie and Clyde are already showing all the signs of good GSDs (from everything I've read and know about the breed). They are not aggressive, just cautious....they look to us and our body language before approaching anyone. We have been steadily introducing them to people. Our neighbor is the one that will care for them in the event we have an emergency. He's awesome and such a dog lover. He comes regularly to see them and they love him. They have met the mailman and are making friends with him too. We are working every day with them to make them well-rounded loving dogs.....with due caution. They are so ready and willing to please, it's amazing ! They seem to have figured out hubby is my protector (although I'm completely able to protect myself) but if he's not around, they stay by my side. Walk with me, stop if I stop, and if they see someone they don't know, they get right in front of me and sit down. Absolutely no aggression, just general caution. When I say "walk" they approach with me and look to me for guidance as to how to advance. For example, Bonnie likes to bring food and water bowls to us if she feels they aren't up to standard. Hubby went out to build a box to house the bowls to deter the dumped bowls. It was cold and he had on a big coat and hood they had not seen. They stopped right in front of me and waited until he spoke and they recognized his voice.

If y'all can't tell, I'm in love with my Bonnie and Clyde - the dynamic duo on our farm.

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