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#342594 - 11/30/16 12:33 AM My Jasper
Jasper&Loki Offline

Registered: 02/12/10
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This past Sunday, November 27th Jasper went to the Rainbow Bridge. Jasper was absolutely without question the most beautiful ray of sunshine in my world. He was my very first dog, we learned together, he taught me so much about life and so much about myself. He had an old soul, nothing mattered more to him then just being with me. No toy, no other dog, no food source, nothing. I only wish or hope that I lived up to my end of the bargain, he was forgiven of my mistakes, truly he changed my world.

Jasper grew up with my other dog, Loki. Jasper was a GSD (West German show lines), Loki is a GSD (Czech Working lines), Jasper put up with so many shenanigans, never one fight or blood spilled between the two, they were absolutely best friends. Jasper showed Loki the way, he was patient, forgiving, probably played when he wasn't in the mood, they were just perfect together.

Later on Finn came along, Finn is the devil in disguise, Jasper was the stabilizing force, while Finn would push others being the brink of insanity, Jasper would shut it down, without much of a challenge. Jasper was the perfect dog if there could ever be one, in my eyes he was.

Jasper had his hardship of orthopedic issues, elbow dysplasia/hip dysplasia, surgery on the elbows only at about 15 months of age, never really helped much, hips came later on, with the beginning of DM.

Jasper was a warrior, the orthopedic issues didn't stop him, nor did it stop me from making sure that he didn't quit, I pushed him, but only in the way that he wouldn't loose his spirit, he never did, this is one thing he taught me, to be a fighter and never quit.

The past year was tough on him, you could see the problems/onset of DM, then he developed some eating issues, not being picky, but just shying away at times from the food bowl. I had him ultrasound, nothing really was found. I still had suspicion, I watched him like a hawk. I work at a vet clinic so I always asked doctors questions. I had him on good meds, bloodwork, he was in good hands.

This past weekend was our final weekend together. Saturday he was so strong, was playing with his Jolly ball (at the field), he was super awesome. Sunday was the day that I lost my boy. Sunday morning and afternoon was awesome, we went to the field, played outside almost all day, he ate awesome in the morning, and the evening feeding. At about 6:15 p.m. we came inside, it was suppose to be his second to last bathroom break. When I called him in he was hesitant, I could totally see a huge change in behavior. He finally came in and he went to his bed. I was observing him, he looked lethargic and wanting to vomit. I keep Cerenia on hand so I have him a few. I observed him for about 1 hour, no better. I then got him out of his bed to see how he would be standing, he couldn't stand. I started checking him further, I noticed that his belly was huge. I went to my medical bag and got a syringe and poked his abdomen, I drew out all blood, I was devastated. I contacted my doctor at work, I rushed him to the clinic. His breathing was very challenging, he gums were almost white.

On this evening the decision was made to remove all pain from My Jasper, Jasper went to the rainbow bridge, I was by his side, my hand on his heart, my face next to his, feeling and breathing his last breath, I will never forget listening to him, being so close to him.

I will never forget this boy, I wish I could repay all that was ever given to me from him, he was truly a gift from God/Gods.

My only hope is that there truly is some sort of Heaven, this can't be it, I really want to see him again. There is never enough time in this world for what we love, at least from what I have learned.

Thank you for letting me write this, it helps, at least for right now.

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#342595 - 11/30/16 01:24 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Jasper&Loki]
Codmaster Offline

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WOW! My deepest sympathy to you!

Only consolation (for him not you!) was that he did not have to suffer the terrible indignity (to the dog) of suffering thru the terrible ravages of DM - total gradual loss of control of first the hind legs, then continence and finally even the loss of control of front end (if they survive that long!).

What a beautiful dog!!!!!!!!!!! And a great specimen of our breed!!!!

You should be very proud of your boy!

And he will be waiting for you at the Bridge!!!!!!!!!!

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#342598 - 11/30/16 06:37 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Jasper&Loki]
PositiveDog Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Jasper was an amazing dog and the two of you were a wonderful team.

This is the hard part. We prepare for all we can, but we are never ready to let them go.

I'll be thinking of you and of Jasper, forever in your heart.

With approval of my friends:

SamCat, 03/2011

Seiko, Solo, Sophie, Skye and Buddy - bridge dogs who taught me so much

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#342599 - 11/30/16 08:25 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: PositiveDog]
Sylv Offline

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I am so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you.
Suki May 31/08
Diva Dec 4/09

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#342600 - 11/30/16 08:43 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Sylv]
Qyn Offline

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Oh no I am in tears reading this lovely tribute to a very special boy.

Aw Jasper you beautiful boy, wub wub wub I always loved reading about you and have missed seeing those stories over the past few years. I don't even know what made me log in to this site now as it is nearly 1am here and I worked so late - I must have needed to know this even though I wish it was not so! You were such a wonderful dog who was well and truly loved by your owner and others.

Dear Jack please accept my heart felt sympathy and know that I fell a deep sorrow in reading this news. Take care!
teary teary teary teary wub gsdhalo
Nix (derivative of Phoenix) Black GSD born 6 June 2011 (Gotcha day 9 Dec 2013)

Quynne gsdhalo - Black Female GSD - Sept 29, 2004 - 11 Nov 2013 Deeply missed

If you don't agree with me ... you are just not listening well enough. smile

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#342603 - 11/30/16 09:22 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Qyn]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
Member First - Owner Second "The Watcher"

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I am so sorry for you loss of Jasper. He was quite the character and had a great life with you. You were always there when he needed you and he will always be in your heart.

Run Free Jasper.
Val da Tiger

Fuzzybutt the cat.
Neilla the Big White puppy.

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#342604 - 11/30/16 09:49 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
SeanRescueMom Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/14/10
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My deepest regrets and sincere sympathies go out to you. hugging As I watched your loving and devoted video of Jasper I couldn't help but cry. It made me think of all the wonderful memories you shared and will keep in your heart forever and ever. I hope that Jasper finds Sean at the bridge and the two of them are running side by side. RIP sweet Jasper. gsdhalo
Sean - 1998/2014
If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart I'll stay there forever.
Carleton DOB unknown
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#342605 - 11/30/16 10:01 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: SeanRescueMom]
Mary Jane Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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It's some kind of miracle. Jasper walked into your heart and he opened his heart to you. It remains remarkable that it happens to people, with all our flaws, some people forge a bond with nobility like your Jasper.

I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Mary Jane

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#342606 - 11/30/16 10:21 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: Mary Jane]
luvmysheps Offline

Registered: 02/21/10
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Loc: Streetsboro, Ohio
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I remember all your posts about all your dogs and always enjoyed reading them. I am so sorry for your loss. Jasper was a wonderful boy. You took great care of him.
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#342607 - 11/30/16 11:19 AM Re: My Jasper [Re: luvmysheps]
kelbonc Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/18/16
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Heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute for Jasper was beautiful. He was a very special boy. RIP Jasper.

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