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#344031 - 04/11/17 04:01 PM Seatbelts
middleofnowhere Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Not sure where to put this but "care" seemed like a good place. Maybe we need a place for safety issues.

But - please use seatbelt harnesses with your dogs when they are riding with you. On the way to training in a PU we met up with a stretch of ice. The dogs were in the back seat (crew cab) and belted in and I was in the front belted in. Airbags did not deploy and all I got from it outside of a trashed truck and a messed up day was bruising that didn't show up right away and some soreness. Dogs seem fine. Without seatbelts I hate to think the mess we would have been.

The dog harnesses are not what is recommended any more but the old Ruff Rider Roadies and they did the job.

I should also report that the dogs quit barking at the officers when I told them to and that they were incredible angels at the tow shop where I waited for our ride home. They loved the adventure in their platz(s) They watched people and checked the noises out. One young woman was very dog friendly, an older woman not so much. But oh my the dogs were good dogs! They were good with our ride home, too.

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#344034 - 04/11/17 06:41 PM Re: Seatbelts [Re: middleofnowhere]
Codmaster Offline

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What a bummer! Hope all are ok!

We also did not want our dog riding free in our van so he always rode in a crate we had in it.

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#344037 - 04/11/17 07:49 PM Re: Seatbelts [Re: middleofnowhere]
Shilohsmom Offline

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Glad to hear everyone is ok.

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#344041 - 04/12/17 09:59 AM Re: Seatbelts [Re: Shilohsmom]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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WOW middle, I am glad you are OK. I would rather deal with snow than ice, snow is much easier to drive in. That darn ice when you lose traction and start sliding you for the most part are just along for the ride.
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#344042 - 04/12/17 01:11 PM Re: Seatbelts [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
Braverhund Offline
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Hey Middle, I'm so glad you're ok! Your fogs did your proud. I e is tricky stuff. I hope you get some rest and feel much better soon.
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#344046 - 04/12/17 10:49 PM Re: Seatbelts [Re: Braverhund]
middleofnowhere Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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LE out here is pretty cool with GSDs.

Here's a story -- back when I was moving from SW Wyoming to LR Arkansas, the Barker Sisters and I spent the first night in Laramie or Cheyenne. A friend missed connecting with us, so it was just the 3 of us in the motel.

About mid morning the next day the dogs and I were out for a walk. A cop car drove by slowly checking us out. (Oh Shit I think to myself. Someone's sheps have raised hell last night and I have no proof that the girls were indoors.) Cop turns around & rolls down his window... "May I pet your dogs??" Sure. The Barker Sisters are cool with him. "I just love these dogs!"


Story #2 Kansas LE, rental car, same barker sisters and I. We turn on to 70 westbound. Classical station, rental car, heading west in Kansas, windy, lovely landscape (to me), new wind mills, sun out - NOT in Arkansas! I'm tooling along (probably 70 or 80) feeling fine when I see blue lights and it's no where near K Mart. OK, I offer to get out. Officer says "No." Barker Sisters ham it up - woo woo woo. wooo woo woo. (repeat with volume). Officer doesn't have much to say because, well, he can't be heard very well. Uhh, slow down, I explain why my seat belt is unfastened (I wanted to get out to talk to you because the dogs are going to bark otherwise) and he gives me a warning and suggests that I check my rearview mirrors more often as he had his lights on for a while. I really wanted to tell him that I loved Kansas, was excited to be heading west in Kansas but Kansans (and most everyone else) do not believe people love Kansas. So I skipped explaining my euphoria.

I think it helps to have dogs belted in with LE too. It sure did with safety.

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