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#345821 - 10/27/17 06:14 PM tiredness after eating
jlstudent1970 Offline

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Hi just wanted to know, after feeding your dog does he or she get energized or sleep?
with certain foods my dog will want to play non stop after eating and certain foods he just sleeps after eating.

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#345826 - 10/27/17 08:16 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: jlstudent1970]
Mary Jane Online   content
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Even if your sweet dog is energized after eating, calm her down. One thing we all fear is bloat where there is some expansion of the gut and possible twisting leading to a very serious condition. Some people recommend two hours rest after eating to avoid bloat. Unfortunately, it's not so clear how to be really safe.

Big, beautiful, vulnerable dogs-how we love them.

Mary Jane

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#345830 - 10/27/17 10:56 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: Mary Jane]
middleofnowhere Offline
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There's info out there that calls into question the old protocol of "wait" after eating or drinking. (A lot like they finally threw out the old "don't swim for an hour after eating" stuff - just not substantiated)

The last I knew, it was said that dogs with deep narrow chests and intense/wired or nervous dispositions tend to be more likely to bloat. Also, abruptly changing food contributes.

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#345835 - 10/28/17 10:34 AM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: middleofnowhere]
MaxaLisa Offline

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I believe in the calm after eating and drinking, since max drank a ton of water, then we practiced a bunch of recalls, and then he bloated. It makes sense that the weight in the stomach and certain activities make it more likely to flip the stomach. But certainly there are enough bloats out there without the activity. I think max was in "partial bloat" for a bit before he was completely triggered.

As for the original OP, it seems yes, sometimes jazz gets really active after eating but I try to keep her calmer. When she's not well, she often just wants to sleep then though.
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#345840 - 10/29/17 02:46 AM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: MaxaLisa]
Wolfie Offline

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After losing my first German Shepherd to bloat, I hold off exercise with Yukon for an hour.

I don't notice any changes in Yukon after a meal, he is always ready for anything.
Anita & 10yr old Yukon

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#345898 - 11/08/17 02:14 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: Wolfie]
Beverly Offline
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I too have lost two beloved pets to BLOAT - always after eating and exercising afterwards. Allow your pet to rest after eating and be pleased your dog has the common sense to know that it must let its dinner go down before playing. Bloat is one of the most disgusting and painful conditions our pets can get and having watched two of my GSD's die from it - I wish I had diagnosed it sooner. I also had a third GSD get BLOAT only that time I was able to diagnose it quickly and the VET operated and saved his life, and he got that BLOAT after eating and immediately playing.

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#345948 - 11/12/17 12:55 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: Beverly]
LifeAsMe Offline
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RE: Bloat

They are doing a study on German Shepherds and bloat. What they've found so far is the same thing they found in Great Danes. A genetic disposition that makes some dogs higher risk. IT's not a "bloat" gene but rather a gene that does not allow their body to produce good gut bacteria along with other factors.

This is an ongoing study and they are looking for more dogs that have bloated to participate.

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#345950 - 11/12/17 01:42 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: LifeAsMe]
middleofnowhere Offline
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Thanks for the new information. My bloat survivor (yes, she did, and was a happy active dog afterward) died about 6 years later at about 15 yo of unrelated causes.

Although a careful eater (which I thought decreased the chances), she was an alert on-top-of-it dog with a deep narrow chest (two things that worked against her). That day I had put out some "deer away" stuff (artificial wolf urine??) over some bulbs. She was very concerned about that to the point I had to pull her off of lying atop it.

I've heard people discuss that dogs that recover from bloat have on going problems regarding their health. Not in our case.

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#345968 - 11/15/17 09:05 AM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: middleofnowhere]
LifeAsMe Offline
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Originally Posted By: middleofnowhere
Although a careful eater (which I thought decreased the chances), she was an alert on-top-of-it dog with a deep narrow chest (two things that worked against her).

I've had discussions with other horse people whose horses have colicked and had torsion that they feel the long bodied, deep chest horses have a higher rate of torsion due simply to more room in the abdomen. That same theory could be used with dogs as well.

Your thoughts?

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#345970 - 11/15/17 02:07 PM Re: tiredness after eating [Re: LifeAsMe]
middleofnowhere Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I had a horse colic once. Not exceptionally deep chested. But -- the stable folks had put a round bale between two pens. My mare was eating hers and reaching through to eat the other horse's portion, too. She had gained a lot of weight in a week and gone from looking excellent to looking not so fine as in mane rubbed off and tubby. She coliced while I was riding her - which was fortunate because I was there and stopped someone to call the vet as I led her back to the barn. I was never one to be speedy at tacking up but that saddle came off fast when she laid down, then when I got her up (quickly) it went back on with some speed too. I think I did this a couple of times.

Horses generally don't colic under saddle. but thereafter I was much happier with a farting horse...

OK so that doesn't do anything to add to long bodied, deep chested horse theory -- she wasn't real short bodied but she wasn't deep chested --- she was over fed right before this happened. The round bale with two horses was because the owners had gone on vacation and thought that would cut down on the time to feed. Didn't work real well although a round bale for a herd will as they chase one another off.

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