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#34732 - 04/21/10 11:17 PM Goodbye my friend...
elisabeth Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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**Posting a goodbye for a friend of Stark's**

Although King was not a purebred German Shepherd he was still an amazing dog.

He did not know love, kindness, or peace in his first year of life. He was abused both physically and mentally, he did not know the warmth of a house or the softness of a bed. He was left tied to a tree along a path by a chain until someone found him and called animal control.

Two weeks after he was found he was adopted by Rob. Rob was looking for a friend to walk and hike with. King was a large black and tan dog, who would bark any time he got excited. His bark was BOOMING! He scared off a lot of potential adopters because he was untrained, a tad dominant, and starting to become aggressive toward other animals. No one wanted him.

Rob brought him home and worked with him over the next year.

Fast forward eighteen months (he was 2.5 years old) .. King was just that.. a king. He was living the good life. Walks, hikes, ball playing, training, cuddles, slept in a 'king sized' bed and was treated as he should. Rob and King's favorite thing to do was to wrestle.

King was great with other dogs and people, although the GSD in him kept him pretty aloof to strangers. Our group meet nightly and we would allow the dogs to play off lead and everyone had a great time.

King was loved by everyone and we are all feeling a little lost without him tonight.

King crossed over the bridge this morning after his kidneys and liver shut down. Rob made the decision to let him go in peace instead of watch him suffer - a very tough and heart wrenching decision.

We will all miss King very much and we are trying to help Rob through this.

Goodbye King, you will be missed by your pack (Stark, Buddy, Jessie, Jacob, Billy, Molly and the "owners").


King and Stark
K-W German Shepherd Club

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#34736 - 04/21/10 11:23 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: elisabeth]
Kris Offline

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I am so sorry for the loss of this beautiful boy. I was following the other thread and hoping that maybe things would turn around for Rob and King. It is just so sad, as these two obviously had a very special relationship. But I am happy that they had each other for this time, even though it was far too short. The love you describe is something most people and dogs never get to experience in a lifetime.

I am heartbroken for Rob. Please give him my condolences. I feel so bad for all of you... hugging

Run free and healthy sweet boy. You will be missed more than you can possibly know... butterfly
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#34737 - 04/21/10 11:25 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: elisabeth]
AngelJ Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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So sorry.
Rest in peace King.

Pround mom of....

Ella RATI,RATO,CGC -GSD 7 years old,
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#34740 - 04/21/10 11:27 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: AngelJ]
elisabeth Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/18/10
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Thank you. I will be emailing Rob this thread as well.

Tonight while we were at our nightly play group at the park Rob came out and hung around with us and the dogs, I felt so bad for him.

The dogs all went over one at a time and rubbed up against him. I think they knew.. they were not as playful tonight. They must of felt our energy and knew something was up when Rob came without King.
K-W German Shepherd Club

Wild Winds Archangel Raphael "Stark", HIC, TT
G Wild Winds Zephyr "Zefra" BH, HIC, NTD, ITD, CGN, TT
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#34743 - 04/21/10 11:29 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: elisabeth]
bjdimock Offline

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Hugs to you, and the Dimock Pack sends all their love to Rob, who is feeling the pain of crossing a loved one. hugging
They leave this life to soon, but forever remain our guardians. gsdhalo

Edited by bjdimock (04/21/10 11:30 PM)
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#34744 - 04/21/10 11:29 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: elisabeth]
LifeAsMe Offline
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I'm so sorry Rob and Elisabeth. It's terribly unfair. teary I'm glad that King new such love before he had to leave.

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#34745 - 04/21/10 11:30 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: elisabeth]
DancingCavy Offline

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I am so sorry to hear about King. I was hoping for a turnaround. Please pass along my condolences to Rob. King sounds like he was a wonderful dog and a loyal friend. It's unfortunate their time together was short. But I'm sure they had many great times together.

R.I.P. sweet King.
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#34752 - 04/21/10 11:41 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: DancingCavy]
Woodreb Online   coffee
Carpal Tunnel

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Sorry to hear of King's passing. rip

Caleb (aka Caleb-Moose)
Ciara(aka Ciara Belle, Black Devil)

RIP AodhŠn, Rica, Max, Kelly - gone but never forgotten - forever in my heart

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#34753 - 04/21/10 11:42 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: DancingCavy]
StarryNite Offline

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I am so so sorry for your loss frown What an amazing dog who found an amazing friend in his life!
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#34754 - 04/21/10 11:42 PM Re: Goodbye my friend... [Re: DancingCavy]
Rei Offline
Old Hand

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I'm so sorry, hugs for you, Stark, and King' family hugging

RIP handsome guy.
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