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#347664 - 05/10/18 01:12 AM Senior Dogs and Exercise
weplaytowin Offline

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The realization that Kamahi and Tosca are climbing higher by the year into 'senior-hood' only grows stronger when I see how hard they're crashing after a 30-45-minute lake excursion. frown

I'm worried I may be putting too much on them, because higher drive dogs getting old is a completely different animal than any other breed, (in my experience) and this will quite honestly be my first rodeo. Our older dogs go on regular (short) hikes throughout the week, but haven't been swimming since last year. I'd love to be able to get them back into it, especially because I know they love those outings (and it's good for muscle tone), but I don't want to cause more harm than good. (And as for judging when to stop the exercise based on how they're acting....they're Shepherds. Not even remotely possible. eyeroll lol.) What do you all do with your senior Shepherds? Throw in the towel and limit their activity, or...?

Any info is greatly appreciated!
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#347665 - 05/10/18 10:58 AM Re: Senior Dogs and Exercise [Re: weplaytowin]
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I let them decide how much exercise they want, though I do watch to make sure I don't over do it. Vala was still swimming a little when she was 13 and would chase a ball. I would throw shorter distances and she would get 1 throw for every three of Elena's. Deja, who is 9 still gets regular exercise, swims and does helper training at our club.
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#347680 - 05/14/18 05:36 PM Re: Senior Dogs and Exercise [Re: lhczth]
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Abbey walks regularly and will play hard but I try to not let her play for long when it is above 75 degrees. She takes longer to recover from being in the heat. I have also noticed she crashes hard after exercising. Due to Hip Dysplasia, I make sure to not let her play hard. She is a stubborn dog with a strong drive and will continue to work hard until she couldn't, so I avoid making her work for it.

Your best bet for stubborn dogs is to limit activity as you see fit, but maybe invest on longer leiaurely walks.
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#347685 - 05/15/18 10:28 AM Re: Senior Dogs and Exercise [Re: DarkEyes]
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My Abby is almost 9 and she has always paced herself
very well, which is to say she is not a high energy dog.
In addition to that, I kinda go by the length and color
of her tongue. When she starts 'hanging tongue' I make
sure we back off. She also benefits from the fact that
I am in my 70s and am not all that energetic ... but we
do walk about 3 miles a day.
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#347698 - 05/17/18 03:54 PM Re: Senior Dogs and Exercise [Re: PaddyD]
Zisso Offline
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Zisso limits himself. We go out to play fetch in the yard a couple times a day and on walks around the neighborhood or to the park, and with each I follow his cues. He will take short cuts across the park or through the neighborhood and will just not be into a game of fetch. He hasn't been swimming in ages and doesn't really seem to enjoy it.
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