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#37215 - 04/29/10 11:49 AM The looks of the German Show Lines
Andaka Offline

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I thought it would be cool for us to post pictures (and pedigrees if available) on the different lines so that people can see the difference when they are searching for a new member of the family.

This is for all of us to post on, not just me, so have at it.
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#37225 - 04/29/10 12:24 PM Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Andaka]
Braverhund Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I'm not good at retrieving pics and posting them, but I truly admire:
Timo v Berekasten (sable fellow!)
Paul Bierstadterhof (quite solid build)
Ingodd's Albert (what a coat, heavy bone, huge head)
Panjo v Kirschental (Nice-looking!)

From the board: Deejay comes to mind, as does Nikon and Ruegen! Khyber is beyond stunning-- not sure if he's showlines or not, but WOW. smile Also Cherry, a female living in the UK. I don't know Heinrich's pedigree, but he is gorgeous!
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#37228 - 04/29/10 01:08 PM Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Braverhund]
Deejays_Owner Offline

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SG1 (CAN) Deejay von Hausnobilis CDX HIT CGN

Canadian Youth Sieger 2003 / SG1 Open Males 2004

VA1 (DK) Trillingsgaards Ambi BHP3 KKL1a
...2X Danish Sieger ....
V Isa von San Marco SchH1 KKL1a (Sire: VA5 Shanto's Xano)


V Filou von Quartier Latin SchH3 KKL1a
...Sire of World German Youth Siegerin 2004
V Nancy von der Morscht SchH1 KKL1a

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5 .......... in VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau
4 - 4 .......... in V Flick von Arlett
5,5 - 5.......... in VA5 Yago vom Wildsteiger Land
5 - 5 .......... in V12 Ursa von Arlett
4 - 5 .......... in V1 Cim vom Ecknachtal


Part 1. the father line of Ambi; Cim Ecknachtal he got V1 at the Sieger and had the bad luck that already 2 sons of Cello Romerau were in the VA , a nice dog he was. If we go furter in this line, we see Ingo Haus Vögele a Warro Asterplatz son , nice dogs in type
Ingo mother goes to Eros Adeloga, and I am almost sure that the picture of this Eros Adeloga is not correct, its Herzog Adeloga on the pic.
Part 1 dam line ; over the Sieger Ulk , Ulk wasnt the stunning sieger as Kimon was or Fanto but it was a good one ,year after year big progeny groups , what is a indication of health , and for the sport good dogs ; teeth , hips,drive, his progeny was in general easy to work
The motherline part 3.Shanto,s Xano
V Auslese 1996,1997 Schh III KKL I a normal
This fantastic dog was bred in the Netherlands by T Palinckx, he sold Xano as a puppie to Mady de Waard also in the Netherlands.
As I saw this dog on the Dutch Siegerschau in the JungHund class , he was placed as 4e !!!! unbelieveble for me, a Dutch ,,judge,, placed this dog as 4e, what was in front of him ; koss jarenka, nimbus tronje, harald haus hanne,(do you remember them?) he showed his absolute correct frontline,(a big issue that time) his type, why , on the way to the Hauptzuchtschau in Germany a month later such a talented dog wasnt placed in front was for me a riddle,for sure the Judge wasnt the best but.. The Hauptzuchtschau a month later KM H Hühn saw the quality of this dog and placed him in the top , also 4e, but now in the biggest competition there is, pffff
A year later in 1996 he came in the V auslese !! also in 1997 , the dog was in the time before the Sieger by Leo Berens who prepared him for the HZSchau, he did good courage tests, Xano , a son of Flick Arlet and I think it was also in the interest of Arlet and Messler that Xano should move to Germany as stud, to get more and better bitches, or for what reason ever..
But Xano,s owner miss Mady de Waard is a sort of owner we dont see much more these days:, Xano is my dog !, I love him, and he stays with me, in my home in the Netherlands ! he can be used here its not a distance problem, and even people who did offer much, very much money to buy the dog she said he is not for sale ,finito. Things changed now a bit in 1998 Xano should be normally VA again ,but he was now trained in Holland Mady would not mis the dog anymore for a longer time, he did the courage test again very good also the stance , but at Sunday as the VA was called up there was no Xano under the first 15 dogs !! P Messler had comments on his progenygroup... Mady took him out of the competition
A few years later: Open class bitches !!!!! the VA 1 siegerin and the VA 2 were daughters from.......right Xano
Judge Schweikert said in his comment what it was a pitty that this fantastic stud for what reason ever , could not more use for the breed... ?! Xano was born in 1993 and he died in 2004

His owner Mady said in 2003 : How much money,there was bid for Xano , that was mot worth the friendship he gave me all these years......

I think in the GSD showworld these days the dogs , for sure many dogs, are not anymore in the right proportions,too stretched !!
And that, the right proportions, that had Xano and a wunderfull expression
Shanto Xano was bred in a small kennel, a pearl in the crown of the Dutch GSD scene
His bloodline :

A direct line to Uran Wildsteigerland ! a very good pedigree with also top bitches
Flick a nice dog to see , Yago nice coloured but.., Eiko was a fantastic dog
Fedor the middle size dog 63 cm , Lasso (owner dr Beck)got sg 4 in the JHcl a bit pale what goes to his sire line VA Zorro H Beck,Frei Holtkamper see, Canto Wienerau. Uran is in both sides so a line bred to Uran
The females Quina and Ursa are so wellknown,also Fee , but what is with the Youth siegerin Heike Tannenmeise from a litter of 2 top bitches her sister Häsel is the mother of Odin Tannenmeise ! ! Nora,s brother Natz did very well at the Sieger
As you see a topline with a Dutch dam line over Huize Hintdonk, and Tannenmeise

Part 4. the motherline over Laika a good line
OTCH SG1 (CAN) Deejay von Hausnobilis UD HIT CGN
~~~A Well-Balanced Dog has Titles at Both Ends~~~
Little Raven Fayanna vom Wildhaus CGN

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#37229 - 04/29/10 01:10 PM Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Deejays_Owner]
elisabeth Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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wub him!!!
K-W German Shepherd Club

Wild Winds Archangel Raphael "Stark", HIC, TT
G Wild Winds Zephyr "Zefra" BH, HIC, NTD, ITD, CGN, TT
" XX " z Weberhaus

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#37232 - 04/29/10 01:18 PM Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: elisabeth]
Kris Offline

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Patti - here are pics of the dogs you listed above.

VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten
SCHH3, IPO3, FH2 Kkl 1

VA 9 Paul vom Bierstadter Hof
SCHH3 Kkl 1

Ingodd's Albert

VA Ingodd's Albert SchH3, KKL1a

V 4 BSZS 2008 Panjo vom Kirschental
SCHH 3 Kkl 1

Deejay... wub Not enough words to describe him - breathtaking is the first one that comes to mind. Brian - you need to post more pics of him - like every day!! wink If that's too much for you to handle, then I think the best solution is to send him to me and I promise I'll post pictures every day! poke smile
Samson, GSD, 10/13/07
Annabel, Keeshond, 4/21/11
Petie, Toy Poodle, 5/5/07
Kitties: Meezer, Bob, Mia and Dewey

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#37246 - 04/29/10 02:45 PM Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Deejays_Owner]
Liesje Offline

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Nikon (SG Alta-Tollhaus Bono HIT CGC) - West German show lines. V1 Markus vom Status Quo SchH3 KKL1a x V Quellie vom Kirschental SchH1 KKL1a. Sire was bred and lives in Germany (Bernd Nagel / Status Quo); dam was bred in Germany (Karl Fuller) and imported.

5,5 - 5 on Ulk von Arlett

More info:

At 18 months Nikon is 25" and 75lbs.

Edited by Vinnie (04/29/10 03:01 PM)
Edit Reason: moved to German Show Lines
Lies & Nikon
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#37281 - 04/29/10 05:18 PM Re: Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Liesje]
Charlotte Offline

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Ricco von der Zenteiche - West German show lines. Imported from Germany (owned by a friend)
Sire - VA1 (2008 & 2009) Vegas du Haut Mansard
Dam - VA1 (USA07) Kelly von der Zenteiche

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#37302 - 04/29/10 06:34 PM Re: Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Charlotte]
mjbgsd Offline

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My girl, Isa vom Berghaus BH CD RAE HIC CGC, german showline.


Sire: Odin Urses Von Kaiser
Nolan vom polarkeis
Fadra von Monroe Haus

Dam: Enja vom Haus Brezel
VA7-VA2(I)-VA1(MEX) Marko della Valcuvia SchH3
V Saskia vom Osterberger-Land SchH2

Akbar RN CGC 8

Cody RIP 2003-2012

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#37345 - 04/29/10 09:08 PM Re: Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: mjbgsd]
Liesje Offline

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Patti, I also like Albert and that he throws his head. I love the head! I've seen some Albert daughters with a more masculine head and love that (usually I have no interest in females).
Lies & Nikon
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#37364 - 04/29/10 10:21 PM Re: Re: The looks of the German Show Lines [Re: Liesje]
GSDTrain Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Now this is my type of thread! German Showlines are my favorite!

Gorgeous dogs! wub

Ivy's VV Marie NTD CGC



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