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#78825 - 08/30/10 02:51 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: Catu]
Phazewolf Offline

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Chris, First off I am really sorry this happened.

My guess is some sort of poison. I have seen things like this before but the dog was 10+ years old and the owner did not bother having a necropsy done to confirm anything. There are so many poisons out there that can cause this guessing one over a other would be pointless.

The owner should be drop kicked by the head for calling you first over rushing to the vet.

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#78891 - 08/30/10 04:38 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: Phazewolf]
JakodaCD OA Offline

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so sad, and so frustrating!! My first thought were those poisonous toads as well.
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#78913 - 08/30/10 05:22 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: JakodaCD OA]
Chris Wild Offline
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I admit, some of these had never occurred to me (like toads!). I know since no necropsy was done we'll never have a real answer, but it sure would be nice. <sigh>

I suspected a toxin of some kind too given the sudden onset and severity of symptoms in an otherwise completely healthy dog, and she did mention they had a lot of lawn and crop treatments in the close vacinity, and a lot of rain recently, and they live in the low spot in the area so the runoff all ends up in their yard. But their other 3 dogs have shown no such symptoms of anything, though it's possible I suppose that if it is a toxin only one was exposed, or got sufficient exposure, to have a problem. My only other thought would be a very aggressive brain tumor. Just strange and shocking to have a dog go from completely healthy to dead in 3 days, with some pretty serious symptoms in between. frown
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#78967 - 08/30/10 08:27 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: Chris Wild]
GSDElsa Offline

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Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. I think it's pretty shocking they don't want to see what each their own I guess...
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#78987 - 08/30/10 10:12 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: GSDElsa]
PositiveDog Online   coffee
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I just want to also say I am so sorry for your loss. The sadness of losing a relatively young dog is certainly amplified by such seemingly clueless actions on the part of the owners.

I would suspect toxins, also. Just as people react differently, dogs would.

Again, so sorry.

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#78994 - 08/30/10 10:21 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: PositiveDog]
Vinnie Offline

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Toxins was the first thing I thought of earlier today when I read you post, Chris. I didn't want to say anything because, like you said, we may never know what it actually was.

Anyway, I'm so very sorry. hugging
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#78995 - 08/30/10 10:23 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: PositiveDog]
Jane Jean Offline
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My question is WHY NO necropsy?

It isn't degrading or disrespectful to the deceased. I would want closure and that would be the only option to getting any answers.
Poisoning would be my first thought or head trauma, neuro damage, second.

Rest in Peace Raif. gsdhalo

My sister had one of Onyx's littermates. He got sick a few days after she got him. She had him at the E-vet(fluids,tested neg for parvo/distemper) and after no diagnosis brought him home.
He worsened overnight and passed away, she opted to NOT have the necropsy. I would have paid for it just for my own answers. The pups were BYB's so no contract was involved/no refund given, etc. I still can't understand why she would not have wanted answers...her excuse was she already paid so much for the e-vet, there was not any $ left for the necropsy. She is a human neo-natal nurse, you'd think she'd want to know!! They thought pup got into some anti-freeze after reviewing his whereabouts.
So I think guilt played heavily into her decision.
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#78999 - 08/30/10 10:28 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: Jane Jean]
Braverhund Offline
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I'd be terrified to NOT do the necropsy and tox screen. It may show nothing at all, and be a financial waste and reveal nothing. But, I could never bring another dog home without knowing if it was the lawn chemicals from a neighbor, the bug chemicals from the Bug Man who came monthly, etc. Too scary to not explore the cause.
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#79080 - 08/31/10 01:29 AM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: Chris Wild]
MaxaLisa Offline

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Originally Posted By: Chris Wild
.... Just strange and shocking to have a dog go from completely healthy to dead in 3 days, with some pretty serious symptoms in between. frown

My experience is that a lot of folks don't recognize the subtleties of disease, so the dog may not have been completely healthy before. Brain tumors can produce symptoms earlier that sometimes are only picked up by astute observers, similar with tick diseases. Some diseases don't produce obvious external symptoms until it is much too late.

The toxin, toad, etc. here also makes a lot of sense. Could be so many different things.
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#79675 - 09/01/10 08:45 PM Re: Sudden seizures, paralysis, death in 8.5yo dog [Re: MaxaLisa]
GraciesMommy Offline

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OH Chris, I am so sorry!! hugging
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