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#85888 - 09/22/10 11:40 AM Toozer's in the hospital

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This morning, I heard a racket in the living room...a weird scraping, sliding noise and the occasional thump and bang. This went on for 10-15 minutes and I thought one of the cats was playing vigorously with a toy. The noise eventually made it into the bedroom. Moaning and groaning, I reluctantly got up to see what the furry trouble makers were playing with. I turned on the light and found all the cats in bed with me! Tooz was lying half off her bed. When I talked to her, she wagged her tail at me and then I noticed her eyes. She was having bad nystagmus and she struggled to get up. I immediately got down on the floor and held her steady.

I scooped her up and rushed her about an hour south to a large specialty hospital. The entire ride down there, she pressed herself up against the side of the truck. I suffer from vertigo so I know how dizzy and nauseous she must have felt! By the time we got there, the nystagmus had subsided and she was able to get to her feet although still wobbly.

Last August, Toozer had an "episode" where my mother heard a crash and found her flailing around on the floor unable to get up. The neurologists examined her then and found nothing remarkable. The only thing she showed was tenderness around her lower back. The doctors who examined her said their best guess was that she herniated a disc and it popped back into place. I wondered though if that was the case because all 4 of her limbs were affected. We assumed the crash my mother heard was Tooz falling off the bed but we didn't know if she fell off the bed and then herniated the disc or she herniated the disc and then fell of the bed. Now, I tend to believe she had an episode of nystagmus that made her fall off the bed!

The hospital just called and said her blood work is normal except for slightly elevated cholesterol and her neuro exam unremarkable. The next step would be x-rays and MRI of her head.

My own doctors don't know why I am having vertigo. It's such a frustrating and debilitating ailment! I hope my Toozer has just an inner ear infection or something but it's not looking that easy. teary

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#85895 - 09/22/10 11:47 AM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: SLEACHY]
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OMG... Poor Toozer!

I hope she is okay and it ends up not being something serious!

I will keep her in my thoughts today!
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#85896 - 09/22/10 11:49 AM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: elisabeth]
aubie Offline

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Poor Tooz and you!! I hope everything goes well and Tooz gets to come home soon...and take care of yourself too! hugging
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#85898 - 09/22/10 11:54 AM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: aubie]
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Oh dear.... I am sorry about this! I hope it is something as easy as an inner ear infection for her. Please let us know.....

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#85902 - 09/22/10 12:05 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: Kayos]
DancingCavy Offline

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Poor Tooz!!! Wishing you guys the best and hoping you can find an answer to what's plaguing sweet Tooz!
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#85904 - 09/22/10 12:06 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: Kayos]
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That is just awful! I hope you are able to figure out what's going on and treat it.

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#85905 - 09/22/10 12:08 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: Kayos]
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Make sure that you get a copy of all the bloodwork. I'm sure they did this, but specifically ask if they checked her thyroid - that often accompanies high cholesterol, and can cause neuro problems. If you have tick stuff around, that could do this too, including cause thyroid dysfunction.

I so hope this isn't a. Mystery illness and they can figure out what's going on hugging
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#85908 - 09/22/10 12:25 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: MaxaLisa]

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I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope she is going to be ok. Please keep us posted. frown

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#85910 - 09/22/10 12:46 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: GSDBESTK9]
Rescues Rule Admin

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I wonder if it's vestibular disease?

Geeeeeeeeeeeez this is scary though - I hope she's okay. Sorry about your vertigo as well.
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#85911 - 09/22/10 12:47 PM Re: Toozer's in the hospital [Re: SLEACHY]
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Grimmi and I are sending positive healing thoughts for your sweet Tooz to improve. May the vets isolate the problem and find a solution and treatment plan that you can feel good about. I'm sorry to hear that you also suffer from some vertigo. Wishing you wellness, as well as Tooz. Please keep us updated on Miss Tooz!
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