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#99501 - 10/29/10 07:25 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
Braverhund Offline
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party And the crowd goes WILD!! party

Mary Ann, Grimm and I are cheering right along with you!! Your special wonderful girl, Miss Chey. Such a beloved superstar she is! I am delighted to hear that she is feeling beter. You Mary Ann are doing an absolutely ophenomenal job of caring for Cheyenne. So very lucky is she, with such wonderful care!
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#99512 - 10/29/10 07:36 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Braverhund]
Wisc.Tiger_Val Offline
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YEA Cheyenne Good Girl. Mary Ann I am sure from your post that you feel much better. I am glad the new pain meds worked.

Have a good weekend you guys deserve some relaxing good time.
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#99521 - 10/29/10 07:56 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Wisc.Tiger_Val]
Kris Offline

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This is terrific news!!!! party
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#99538 - 10/29/10 08:43 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Kris]
lorio Offline

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Woohoo! A time to celebrate!
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#99540 - 10/29/10 08:48 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: lorio]
myamom Offline

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You guys are the BEST!! I'm smiling more than I already was!!

It is like a huge mountain got lifted off my shoulders! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see that spark in her eyes see her mosey around the house to see what we're see her tail's AWESOME!!

She's wonky of course and I can't wait to try out Cain's harness..Cain said he had his mommy mail it asap and is hoping it helps his girlfriend...he's such a caring guy smile (no..I can't build a ramp unfortunately as our basement is ground level...our living area is a floor up)

I was about if I support her liver with natural supplements to ward off or lesson problems from the previcox?

Cheyenne is looking to celebrate the New Year!

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#99576 - 10/29/10 10:30 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: myamom]
elisabeth Offline
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SOOOOO happy to hear that Chey is doing better!!!

So, you know what that means - we want pictures of our Miss Cheyenne! wink

You are such a wonderful soul for caring for her as much as you do! Makes me so happy to know that there are people like you (and others on this board especially) caring for our GSD's! smile
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#99580 - 10/29/10 10:44 PM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: elisabeth]
Mary Jane Offline
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Dear Ladies-How you have lifted all spirits-all hopes.

from the bottom of my heart,
Mary Ann, thanks for the good news,
Mary Jane

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#99629 - 10/30/10 12:19 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: Mary Jane]
katieliz Offline
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GET OUT!!!...that's so great mary ann...i am SO GLAD. it's been a really, really, hard day here, and i was almost afraid to pop in for an update...that is such wonderful news!

every day you have with her is a blessing, as is every day she's had with you. take care.

Edited by katieliz (10/30/10 12:20 AM)
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#99645 - 10/30/10 03:58 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: katieliz]
matsired Offline

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Excellent news!
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#99652 - 10/30/10 07:20 AM Re: My new foster - Cheyenne [Re: matsired]
bianca Offline
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party I am so happy to read this wonderful news!!!! Keep up the good work Chey by letting your mum breathe a bit easier now! smile

Katieliz - I hope you are all ok? Sending you hugging
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