CafePress Items

Posted by: Wisc.Tiger_Val

CafePress Items - 11/24/16 05:08 PM

12 Month Calendar
Calendar Print
Mugs for 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter Photo Contest Winners.

If I have time I will try to get some Ornaments done.
Posted by: Kayos

Re: CafePress Items - 11/28/16 07:54 AM

Just ordered a calendar. smile
Posted by: Woodreb

Re: CafePress Items - 11/28/16 07:52 PM

Just placed my order as well.
Posted by: Kayos

Re: CafePress Items - 12/05/16 08:49 AM

Now I really ordered one. I guess Amazon pay did not like me last week.
Posted by: Kayos

Re: CafePress Items - 12/20/16 08:49 AM

Calendar came and it is fantastic!
Posted by: Sylv

Re: CafePress Items - 12/20/16 07:02 PM

My calendar arrived today, and it's beautiful.

I had it opened up to the picture of Diva when Suki came over to me. I held up the calendar and said "look, it's your sister". She came right over, put her nose almost on the picture, then slapped it with her paw gsdhalo