Nix's one year gotcha day

Posted by: Qyn

Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 07:18 AM

As many of you know my girl Quynne was PTS in November 2013. It hit me very hard and I had already decided before this that she was going to be my last dog.

Well, fate has a way of turning decisions around. When I saw a dog (on a page of a GSD rescue group on facebook) who had been found as a stray and was still in the pound, something about her touched my heart and I made an enquiry about her.

She was very thin, had an embedded collar that had to be peeled from her neck and has left a scar, was reported to be unusually happy to be in the pound and had recently had puppies. The owner turned up on the 8th day after she had been in the pound (after 7 days the pound can assume ownership of a stray). He had named her Aria. He was known to the pound as a BYB of working line GSDs for sale to police and protection groups and for keeping his breeding dogs (6 other dogs) in appalling conditions.

Due to her condition and the lapse in time, the pound chose to assume ownership so he was unable to claim her back. She was only 2 and a 1/2 with signs of having had previous litters so it was thought she had been bred from her first season as was his practice. I was told it was unlikely she was house trained, may have food aggression due to starvation and while very sweet natured had little to no training and was untested with children, cats or other dogs. This did not dent my interest and I completed the adoption form, paid the adoption fee and she was picked up from the pound, transported to Brisbane, QLD and flown to Melbourne, VIC.

She was not spayed as in QLD it was thought her condition was not ideal for undergoing an operation but it was a condition of her adoption. I am thankful the adoption group trusted me to do this however they had Quynne's vets details and I assume they checked my credentials. She was very thin when I picked her up from the airport but I was able to get enough reasonable condition on her and she was spayed soon after.

She had some quite severe separation anxiety issues at first where she nearly broke a window one time I left the house but that settled after she realised I would always return home. But there have been no issues with food aggression, children, she is mostly great with other dogs, she is house trained, she has a great leave it wrt to cats and anything else while on leash (off leash not so sure and as she is very fast not willing to test it), she is not great on the leash but good enough for me! I love her! I named her Phoenix for her new start but call her Nix or Nixie (but also "Monkey" sometimes for no reason).

first photo on facebook

First days home

Learning to play with toys

fatty boombah down the beach
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 07:45 AM

Wonderful story, I'm SO glad that Nix got to this chapter.

Happy Gotcha Day Phoenix Rising!
Posted by: Qyn

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 08:00 AM

Thanks Mary Jane! hugging After losing Quynne, honestly, Nix saved me as much as I saved her!
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 09:09 AM

That is a wonderful story.

Happy Gotcha Day, Pheonix. party

Ciara has a similar frisbee that she says is the next best thing to Chuck-it balls!
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 10:10 AM

Hi Johanna that frisbee was the first toy she showed any interest in every other one she would pick up then drop and cower down as if she was in trouble but the balls she also loves chuckit ultra balls are now her favourite.
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 10:13 AM

Glad you found each other - wishing you both many more happy gotta days smile
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 10:26 AM

Happy Gotcha' Day, Nix.

What a great story and happy ever after for her.
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 12:12 PM

What a wonderful and heartwarming story wub Happy Gotcha Day Nix!!!!! I'm so glad your Mom has such a good eye for what is a wonderful pup you were, and now you have the best home ever!!!!
Posted by: MaxaLisa

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 01:41 PM

I am so very glad you two found each other, happy gotcha day nix wub
Posted by: Codmaster

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 02:02 PM

What a cutie! And a wonderful story.
Posted by: BasiaBear

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 03:52 PM

What a lovely lady. Happy gotcha day! Glad you two found each other.
Posted by: Shepherds

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 04:20 PM

Ah beautiful Nix...what a journey you two have been on together.. Happy gotcha day Nix.
Posted by: DnP

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 04:50 PM

Nix's story completely touched my heart. You see, my Phoenix was named by the rescue I got him for for the exact same reasons you named your gal Phoenix. He too had a severely embedded collar, was emaciated, and had a sweet cheerful disposition. He was only 10 months old when he was rescued.

So lots of love from my Phoenix to your Nix and big hugging to you for giving her a forever home!

Happy Gotcha Day Nix!!!!
Posted by: SeanRescueMom

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 09:04 PM

Happy Gotcha Day, Nix - glad you found your forever home! groovy
Posted by: Wolfie

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 09:08 PM

From a neglected, breeding machine to a beautiful black beauty. She is gorgeous!

Happy Gotcha Day Nix!!groovy Thanks for rescuing her. hugging's

PS: Was nice hearing your australian accent. smile
Posted by: Kayos

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 09:23 PM

What a great story! Lucky Nixie, lucky you! Happy Gotcha Day! smile
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/09/14 11:56 PM

party Happy Gotcha Day, precious Nix! wub
Posted by: bianca

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/10/14 03:50 AM

party Happy Gotcha Day beautiful girl! What a wonderful day to recall how you come into your mums life and you both started healing wub

And p.s don't let her call you fatty boomba otherwise I will have to take a clip of the real fatty boomba Miss Moo laugh
Posted by: Qyn

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/10/14 06:25 AM

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for welcoming my Nix so wonderfully. You brought me to tears ... in a good way! hugging

Diana, I find it a lovely and interesting coincidence that your Phoenix was also named for the same reasons. I know Nix has brought a lot of joy to my life and I believe it is the same with your boy. wub

Of course, with this group of people I think all of us are blessed with whichever breed or mix we have taken into our lives and homes! happyboogie
Posted by: middleofnowhere

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/10/14 11:01 AM

Quynne is honored that you have another dog. Nix looks lovely and it's nice to have the story turn out so well.
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Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/11/14 12:45 AM

What a great story! Happy Gotcha Day, Nix!
Posted by: Qyn

Re: Nix's one year gotcha day - 12/11/14 08:32 AM

Thank you! xo