Fecal Incontinence

Posted by: Shilohsmom

Fecal Incontinence - 11/15/17 01:50 PM

Eli was diagnosed with the beginning stages of DM in October of last year. I think we've done well as he is still walking! Of course, I've had special shoes made up to protect his feet on walks and I work with his muscles daily. But last week I noticed he started loosing his poop. He doesn't seem to have a clue that he's going. I know he frequently poops in his sleep now. I haven't had a chance to take him to the Vet yet (I'm too sick), but I'm thinking its the progression of the DM.

So does anyone have any suggestions on things that might help?
Posted by: SeanRescueMom

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/15/17 10:36 PM

I'm so sorry, Rosa. frown Sean had the same problem but not do to DM. He was losing muscle mass in his legs and rear, as well as control of his bowels. He would also have accidents in his sleep or when he did have to go he couldn't get up in time to make it out to the yard. Therefore, he'd drop a poop or two on the way to the door. He slept on an old area rug in the living room so we put extra padding underneath it for him and cleaned it constantly. We didn't want to confine him to a room, we felt that was unfair to him. After he passed we threw the rug out. The floors downstairs are all hardwood so it made clean ups easy. Honestly I don't have anymore tips or advice to help you but I'm sure others whose pups have or had DM can weigh in.
Thinking of Eil and you. hugging
Posted by: middleofnowhere

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/15/17 11:11 PM

With urinary incontenence, a piddle pad placed under the butt when the dog slept was a big help. BTE 1st would help position herself over it, too. Crib sheets might work on the dog beds, to help a bit, too.
Posted by: Woodreb

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/15/17 11:42 PM

I used to do the piddle pads for Rica when she became fecal incontinent as well. It did make for a relatively easy cleanup.
Posted by: Shilohsmom

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/16/17 03:49 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I need to order wee wee pads in bulk. I'm just so thankful to have him here to be able to clean up his poop.
Posted by: Kris

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/16/17 08:36 PM

Rosa, this place has good prices on puppy pads. I don't think you would need the premium ones - you just need a pad so it doesn't get on anything, right? With urine, the heavier pads are better, but since it's for poo, you could get away with the cheaper ones.


If you have Costco or Sam's Club, they have really good prices on pads too.
Posted by: middleofnowhere

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/16/17 08:44 PM

When I needed those (or my dog needed those to be more specific = not quite to the stage of needing them myself just yet) Walgreens were the cheapest source. Someone now makes recyclables that can be washed... Yeah, just add doggy piddle pad laundry to your list.
Posted by: Shilohsmom

Re: Fecal Incontinence - 11/16/17 10:25 PM

I do have a Costco membership so maybe I can run by there tomorrow. I definitely could use the pads. I'll check Walgreens too Middle, since I plan on needing them for awhile.

I'm sure Eli will let me know when the time does come. But for now I'll gladly clean up any poop as long as I can look into his precious little eyes and see that he's ok.

I even told Paul tonight that Eli is pooping in the house, there's nothing we can do about it but clean it up and move on. This little guy has been a dear and dedicated friend for years he deserves only love and kindness in his senior years. I just wanted to make sure Paul understood and he does.