Herding Links & Helpful Info

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Herding Links & Helpful Info - 09/29/10 08:45 PM

Websites on Herding;

German Shepherd Herding Articles - Nickelsberg's Farm

HGH Sheep Herding Articles by Ulf Kintzel

American Herding Breed Association

Stock Dog Server

GSDCA on AKC Herding

Anyone have links to add to this?
I have a ton but just wondering which everyone finds the most helpful. Then maybe we can make this into a sticky for this forum.
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Re: Herding Links & Helpful Info - 09/29/10 08:55 PM

Afterthought: this should also include books & videos - not just websites.
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I usually like them when someone is looking for a club or place to train (good starting point)
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Re: Herding Links & Helpful Info - 10/14/10 07:11 PM

Hmmm you guys have most of mine. I would add Shelley's site as she had a lot of herding stuff but it seems to be down. frown
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On tending herding and GSDs and BSDs, especially these articles:
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Re: Herding Links & Helpful Info - 10/31/14 10:14 AM

I found this link the other day as I am interested in getting Lena into herding possibly...It's for the midwest