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Hello - 06/22/17 07:53 PM

Hey everyone, sorry I have not been on for a while, it has been so hectic here as I am sure you guys know sometimes life happens lol. Cirus is doing great, has his commands down and he is now protecting the house and letting everyone in the neighborhood know who the big dog is haha.
Mischief and Rascal still don't want anything to do with him since he wants to run at them, but Richard rescued a little stray kitten of the street he named Dude. Cirus and Dude are best friends, he is a character and definitely not afraid of Cirus, they play and it is hilarious to see this little 5 lb cat take on this 80 lb shepherd. I will have to attach pics later.

Talk to you guys later smile
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Re: Hello - 06/24/17 11:16 PM

As promised here is pictures, meet Dude, lol Richard named him

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Re: Hello - 06/24/17 11:24 PM

Here is pictures of the camping/ hiking trip we took last 4th of July with Cirus, he loved it. We were at Richard's dad house on the back of his property.

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Re: Hello - 06/25/17 11:04 AM

Love the pictures! Cirus looks great.
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Re: Hello - 06/26/17 04:34 PM

Awesome pics, I'm sure Cirus is looking forward to another camping/hiking trip. Dude is adorable, it's always the runt who has the most spirit and tenacity. thumbup
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Re: Hello - 06/26/17 08:30 PM

Thanks, Dude is adorable and I have to plan another hiking/camping trip with Cirus but this time don't sprain my ankle lol. I had a bunch of first aid supplies for Cirus, lucky for me cause I ended up using them grin
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Re: Hello - 06/27/17 10:17 AM

Enjoyed the pics.
What a lucky dog! His very own cat and a great camping trip with more to come. This year, be easy on the humans on that camping trip!
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Re: Hello - 07/04/17 07:24 PM

Well here I am it is the 4th of July and I am unable to really do anything, and Cirus did not do it LOL. I had an auto accident on Friday, totaled my new 2013 Chevy Malibu that I just bought 2.5 weeks ago. Lady pulled right out in front of me and I could not stop, hit her right in the drivers door. I am alright, just bruised and sore, ER visited verified no serious injuries, it just aggravated the neck injury I had from a previous accident. Cirus bless his heart knew I was injured when I came home as he sniffed me up and down paying extra attention to the bruises on my arm, and proceeded to give me doggie loving and licks to make me feel better. gsdhead
As of right now I am dealing with insurance to take care of ER visit, car and other medical bills, they are going to get me a loaner, although I do have my other car, the grand prix you see in the pics to drive. Sales rep at McCluskey where I bought the Malibu is already looking for me another car, I ask for a Charger this time, it is what I really want and life is too short to settle. Well keep you guys posted, hope you had a better 4th of July them me. smile
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Re: Hello - 07/05/17 11:40 AM

Ouch! Glad you came out without worse injuries. What I found is that it rather messed with my head (as in thinking processes)for a while. Take care and be extra careful because sometimes people cluster wrecks.

Insurance can be a painful process by itself. And then there's car shopping on top of it.... The tow truck driver remarked to me: Better to be mobile and bitching about it than not. (not his exact words but the gist of it was "be glad you could walk away - that's a good outcome."

But condolences on the entire mess.
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Re: Hello - 07/06/17 11:44 AM

Yes, it has messed with my head, thinking if there was a way to avoid the collision and also giving me some anxiety worried about if someone else is going to pull out in front of me. Good grief I hope not lol, I can only handle one wreak at a time. crazy

My agent is working on trying to keep this as painless as possible but it is stressful, and the salesman is looking for me another car. I am very glad that it was not worse because I know it could have been. smile
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Re: Hello - 07/06/17 06:27 PM

Well, yes, there's that worry about other drivers. For me, I was doing everything right - no change in acceleration, no speeding, well back in a line of cars, no cruise control, very aware - but most fortunately no other vehicles involved. But mentally I found myself concentrating hard on driving but "forgetting" at the same time so I needed to be hyper aware as in "look both ways dufuss!" And my issues with oral questions - those were worse - Like needing to go through a "review" in my head to remember a street name. So - be careful that what you are vigilant about doesn't work to distract you from the rest of driving.

My insurance company was good but it was confusing - and then there was the health care provider that sent me a bill - that meant I had to call the insurance adjuster for clarification. Yes, the insurance company was outstanding by the way they handled this. But it was still a hastle and a headache. So you have my sympathy - it's all together something none of us want to give time to -- and it takes a lot of time.
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Re: Hello - 07/07/17 08:04 AM

Michelle, really sorry to hear about your Fourth. I certainly hope that all the difficulties from the accident are easily resolved-your health, your mental health, and your car.

I don't know, you try to do everything right, but the universe has other plans.

take care,