Unhappy puppy influence

Posted by: Shilohsmom

Unhappy puppy influence - 02/12/18 06:18 PM

Last week my neighbors (who live in a garage next door frown ) got a puppy. It's a little 8 week old pit bull. Sadly, they leave this puppy outside almost constantly. The poor pup cries and throws itself against the door trying desperately to get inside most of the day and into the night. There is a crate out there for 'shelter' but that's it. There's no toys, there's nothing there. I told the owners how upset the poor pup was thinking maybe they didn't know any better but that didn't work.

At times I hear him screaming at the pup. Its really sad because I can pretty much guess the bleak future for this pup.

My concern is having Kody exposed to this. Sometimes he'll sit on our porch looking over for the longest times. He'll turn his head from side to side as if he's trying to figure out whats going on over there. I'm just worried that this might make my boy sad. I assure him he will never be treated like that but how much do you think he really understands? He's just a baby himself.

Am I just being an overly protected Mom? We spend a lot of time sitting on our front porch and I just want Kody's mental health to be as good as his physical health. I don't want him worrying if that's what happens to dogs. Oddly enough, I can block out all that noise for the most part. I'm just worried about Kody.

Just want to add, if they do anything illegal in their treatment of the pup I would call the Humane Society really fast. I don't have a problem with that at all. Unfortunately, there's nothing illegal about what they are doing (except living in an illegal garage unit). Housing in the bay area is awful. I get it that some people have no choice but to live in garages and places like that. I don't hold that against them, but adding a pup like they have is just awful.
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Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/13/18 06:32 PM

Rosa, this is so sad. frown I hate to read stories like this and feel terrible for the pitbull puppy. He or she doesn't deserve this. I know you care about Kody but I'm sure he knows his mom loves him dearly. I would worry about the pup too if they are abusive owners, i.e. physically, mentally or both. Maybe you can call the Humane Society to ask in advance what you can do to help protect the pup.
Posted by: Shilohsmom

Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/13/18 07:52 PM

Thanks, I do worry about my young boy seeing and hearing this. It breaks my heart to see him tilt his head from side to side as if trying to understand what's going on over there. I really wish he wasn't exposed to this at all.

I feel awful for the pup. Last night I sent a text to the landlord and today I spoke with one of them over there. The landlord didn't respond but hopefully she will follow up with them. The guy I spoke to said he would follow up with the guy who owns the dog so we will see. It's been better today, but now I'm hearing the pup again.

Unfortunately, leaving a young pup outside day and night in CA is not illegal and people that do this just don't think like you and I do about our pets. It would destroy me mentally to know one of my pups were stuck outside begging to get in! Heck, it even bothers me that my boy is exposed to this.
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Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/14/18 09:34 AM

We both know a puppy without proper care or socialization is a potential recipe for disaster. Please keep us posted if you hear back from the landlord or the dog's owner.
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Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/14/18 08:29 PM

Last night the pup cried and barked well into the night. I can't imagine how frightened it must be. I sent another (final) text to the landlord this morning, again she did not respond. I will now take it to the next step. While you can legally leave a pup out like that, he/she is not allowed to nuisance bark which is what's going on. Hate to do it but I'll have to start calling the police. Hopefully, that will at least get them to bring the pup inside.

I do want to shield my boy from such cruelty. There is no reason to have him exposed to this.
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Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/22/18 12:04 AM

It's sad that the pup is being treated this way. I encourage you to talk to both animal control and the humane society. This is just flat out wrong. The pup has to have an advocate and it looks like you've got that role.

Think of it this way - if you don't step up by calling on this situation, the pup will have no one in his corner. If he get's confiscated, that would not be bad - even if he is euthanized, that would be better than being abused (and I consider his situation abusive.)
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Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/28/18 10:37 AM

Rosa, What's up with the neighbor pup now?
Posted by: Shilohsmom

Re: Unhappy puppy influence - 02/28/18 05:25 PM

I guess its been a couple of weeks now, but another neighbor approached me with the pup in his arms asking if I knew where it belonged. The pup had gotten loose and was running around in the neighborhood.

I wanted to take the pup from him, not for sure what I was going to do but thinking Humane Society. I was running to the guy saying how they keep the pup in squalor conditions and leave it outside 24/7 in the freezing temps. Before I could get to him, the neighbor hearing what he wanted to hear (the dog lives there) took the pup and put him on the other side of their fence.

Thankfully though, the people that own the dog must have heard me. The next day the rubbish was removed and the area cleaned up and now the pup is mostly kept in the garage where it barks nearly all the time.

So now the pups at least kept away from the elements. He barks all the time and from time to time I yell over to shut up.